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Fus Ro Dah ! | by LeewanLego
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Fus Ro Dah !

I've spent hundreds of hours playing The Elders Scrolls V : Skyrim, and been wanting to build a scene from the game for years.


When I began playing it again a few months ago, I realized there was now perfect parts to represent the effects of the Shouts : the power burst shields. This was the starting point of the build, and I immediately knew I'd have to represent the most famous of them : Fus Ro Dah, or Unrelenting Force, which sends your enemies flying away.


The recently released smilodon was a good addition to the build, since these creatures appear in the game, so I decided I would showase other parts that appeared in 2018, like the tree trunk costume, or the (now mandatory) magic wand.

The base is similar to the one I've built for my ankylosaurus, in the sense that you can see parts of the landscape covering the frame and expanding beyond it.


The scene itself reminds me of In Cold Blood, as both MOCs represent someone falling to his death, and I actually initially intended to use the technique I used to build the wall of the pool to build the cliff, in order to reinforce the similarities between both builds. I couldn't make it work, though, and since I wanted to give the cliff a distinctive look, I decided to come up with a brand new way to do the rocks (or at least I haven't seen such a technique used before) : lots of small blocks precisely adjusted with Mixel Joints.

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Uploaded on January 20, 2019