Modulares Interface
Multitouchdevices, like the iPad have become more and more popular the last years. Nowadays they are not only used for browsing and sending eMails, but new fields of applications appear. One thing what is missing while using Touchdevices is the miss in haptical feedback that let you set parameters precisely. According to this problematic this project was developed to organize a variaty of controllers. Different controllers can quick and easily arranged onto of the iPad with the help of magnets. A modular interface is appears which is easy to rearrange and uses a given device like the iPad.
The system contains 3 parts:
- the physical controllers (button, slider, knob) which are made of conductive aluminum to pass on the electrical discharge of the human skin.
- a frame made of aluminum and plastic, in which the iPad is inserted. The edge of the frame has embedded magnets which make it possible to position the controller easy and exact.
- the software which runs as an App on the iPad. It organize the control elements and sends the parameters to the corresponding software which is controlled by the modular interface.
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