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Image from page 1048 of "Christian herald" (1913)

Identifier: christianherald36unse

Title: Christian herald

Year: 1913 (1910s)




Contributing Library: Christian Herald Association

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seemsthe pitiful expression of the folly of a second child-hood. With a splendid life behind them, and theother world and its accounting just before them,it would be thought incredible that the empty badgeof an empty earthly honor should be made a matterof life and death. It is to be hoped that the chal-lenge will not be accepted, and that friends willlend their kind offices to prevent them from break-ing this commandment:Thou Shalt not kill. (Ex. 20: 13.) Fasted for Forty-seven Days MRS. F. W. McCANN. of Conlee, Wash., has.under the direction of her physician, fastedforty-seven days, taking nothing but water. Atpresent the fast is unbroken. Mrs. Eliza Hazard,of Seattle, is reported to have fasted forty-fivedays, and a physician of St. Paul, Minn., also forty-five days. There have been reports of sixty-onedays, but Mrs. McCann, it is claimed, has brokenthe worlds record for fasting by women. Sheweighed 14.t pounds when she began to fast, andnow weighs only 100 pounds. Mrs. McCann ob-


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THE ZEPPELIN GERMAN MILITARY AIRSHIP L-2 served the fast hoping for the cure of a chronicdisease. Fasting, as a religious exercise, has beenpracticed well nigh universally since the race be-gan. It was observed by the ancient Par sis ofIrania. The early Chinese and Hindus carried itto an injurious excess. Though the Vedas attachlittle importance to the mortification of the body, yetthe ceremony the Hindu considers necessary to hispurification requires a fast of twelve days. Whilethe only fast Moses required was the one of thegreat day of annual atonement, the Jews adoptedfasting as a necessary part of their religion.Christ bitterly rebuked the substitution of the fastfor the thing sought in the fast, and appointed noteven a day for fasting, although he taught the realmeaning and benefit of such abstinence by exampleand precept. The early church continued the fast-ing of Judaism, and soon lost the idea of penitenceand dependence and supplication it was expected tocontain and took the f



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