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Image from page 302 of "Christianity as old as the creation, or, The gospel, a republication of the religion of nature" (1731) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 302 of "Christianity as old as the creation, or, The gospel, a republication of the religion of nature" (1731)

Identifier: christianityasoltind

Title: Christianity as old as the creation, or, The gospel, a republication of the religion of nature

Year: 1731 (1730s)

Authors: Tindal, Matthew

Subjects: Deism Rationalism Natural theology.

Publisher: London : [s.n.]

Contributing Library: University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries

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Text Appearing Before Image:

of the greareit moment, on voluminouswritings, which have been fo often tranferibd by Men,who never ftw the original; (as none, even of the imofl early Writers pretend they did :) And Men too,who even in the e-arlicit times, if vve may judge bythe number of forgd parages, & even forgd books,would fcrtiple at no pious frauds. And.tho there havebeen innumerable copies of the New Teflamenc loft,which, no doubt, had their different Readings, yet asit (lands at prefent, we are told, there ate r.o lefs1 than 3COC0 various readings. if. T-ho there ate fo many -various readings, yetdoes not that great Critic!?, Doctor Bevtley, in hisPropofalfor printing by fubfeription, a new editionef theNeivTeftamenf, affiire the world, *,,That out„of a hbyrinth of 30000 various readings which- .;.-.: -. . •■- crotid * Priptfals fir Printing by SubfcrifUin 4 revs Edit,pf the Xe-vu Tcjlatfient, ■-*>•-> ■. ■ -. • ■ . SC - HksS V^h sasfess* *--• ■■V .> ■ - s» ■ ;.. ^CS


Text Appearing After Image:

*^ vm; ■-V7 $uf>y>^> ^-;;..--.-,--■ •• ••- - - ■ .>-* At the CREATION. Chap. XIII. iof ,, ctocd the pages of oar prefent heft editions, all. put„ upon an coo?) credit to the offence of many good„ perfons, thst his due, as he calls it. fo leads & ex-„ tricztes uj, that there will be fcarce joo oct of fo;, many~rhoufands, that can defcrve the leaft confi-„ deration. --. ji. Has this Critick loft his due, and fo fored todrop the nobie deiign of ascertaining rhe Text of theNew Teiiamect, and let the aocoo various Rtaiiingsremain en en totusl f«et to :ht fijencefftneny geod per-jinsr vho will now as much cefpair of feeing it done,as they do of Mr. Whificnt * reftoring the tri:e text• of the Old Tefb.rr.ent; „ which, he fiys, has been,, greatly corrupted both in the hthrtiu & Settutgir.;„ by the 5<*. to make the reafoninssof the Aporiles„ from the Old TetHment irrconchifive & ridiculous.Dr. Eenrlr-, certainly, ought ;o go on with his


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Taken circa 1825