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Image from page 185 of "Building with assurance" (1921) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 185 of "Building with assurance" (1921)

Identifier: BuildingWithAssurance

Title: Building with assurance

Year: 1921 (1920s)

Authors: Morgan Woodwork Organization

Subjects: woodwork -- catalogs domestic architecture -- catalogs furnishings -- catalogs Division 06 Division 12 wood posts and columns wood stairs wood railings base and shoe moldings exterior wood door frames wood door and window casings dining tables and chairs lamps couchws and loveseats art glass

Publisher: Morgan Woodwork Organization

Contributing Library: MBJ collection


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Text Appearing Before Image:

everal designsand sizes and is furnished to be built into arecess or at right or left hand corner. Wher-ever possible, the bathroom should be arrangedso that the supply and waste fittings for thetub can be concealed in the side of the partition. Shower Bath The exhilarating pleasure and conveniencederived from a shower bath has made it anecessary part of the equipment of a completebathroom. Shower bath units are constructedin a great variety of designs and sizes. Themixing valve, controlling the temperature ofthe water with a lever, enables the user im-mediately to obtain any temperature desired. In many homes where it was once consideredsufficient to have only a bath tub, showerbaths are now being installed with the bath tub.The shower head is adjustable, so that thespray of water is directed as desired, and canbe prevented from wetting the hair. Thebuilt-in shower has a shampoo, so that womenneed no longer consider washing their hair anordeal, when this fixture can be so readily and


Text Appearing After Image:

182 ^ ^^^ inexpensively installed over the side of a built-in bath tub. The ordinary house range boiler will supplyonly a limited amount of hot water, and itstemperature soon declines to a minimum.For this reason, and for the best service, aninstantaneous gas heater is recommended withas direct a connection to the shower as possible.In this way, a sufficient quantity of hot wateris ^supplied and it has the added advantage ofbeing constant and even in temperature. Lavatories The manufacturers are producing a widevariety of dCvSigns and sizes of lavatories, orwashstands, to suit every individual taste andrequirement. The pedestal lavatories of enam-eled iron or vitreous china are considerablyin demand for the better class of residencework, and this type, with plain straight linesand simple design, is most popular. A featurebeing adopted quite generally is the Combina-tion Water Supply fitting, which consists oftwo china handle controls for the hot and coldwater, supplying the mixed temp


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Taken circa 1921