National Rural Livelihood Mission Theory of Change Workshop 18 August 2017, India International Centre, New Delhi
The Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) has commissioned an impact evaluation of the National Rural Livelihood Project (NRLP). Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is supporting the study, which will be led by International Initiatives for Impact Evaluation (3ie) in partnership with Vrutti, Livelihood Resource Centre and Stanford Center for International Development (SCID). The purpose of the study is two-fold (a) to assess the impact of the NRLP and possible pathways to impact; and (b) to draw key lessons to the policy makers and suggest changes in programme design, implementation to achieve maximum impact of the programme in the country.

A critical step towards designing a technically robust and policy relevant impact evaluation is to draw up a theory of change that accurately reflects the programme objectives and causally links various programme inputs and activities to the outputs and outcomes. To this end, the evaluation team would like to bring together representatives from MoRD, World Bank, Gates Foundation, sector experts and practitioners to a half-day workshop to develop the theory of change to inform the impact evaluation.
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