Heather Nicole Braaten...you are loved

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    Thank you for the love, prayers and support you shared and thank you for your efforts made in Heather’s search, whether it be blogging about it, handing out flyers or searching in your own neighborhoods. Unfortunately her body was found yesterday, April 1st 2012. She valued her friendships and especially the LEGO community. Her family said it was ok for me to post this image and this write up. These are all the details I know for now and I will keep you all posted as I know more.

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    1. MDilthey 25 months ago | reply

      My condolences and thoughts are with those who knew her.

    2. Pyrophoricity 25 months ago | reply

      Oh my god... My condolences to her family and to you, if any details on how she died come out, would you mind sharing? I would like to follow this if a suspect is found.

    3. Aroŋ. 25 months ago | reply

      I'm very, very sorry to hear this...

    4. Samstego 25 months ago | reply

      It seems to me that every time I check the brothers brick, someone is missing or dead.
      Rest in peace Heather. I hope there are lego bricks in heaven.

    5. _lichtblau_ 25 months ago | reply

      Sad news beyond words...left me speechless...
      Rest in peace Heather.

    6. HighonBricks™ 25 months ago | reply

      Hey Lino, I added Jordan because I'm not sure if he saw this yet since he hasn't been on in a while. I know that him and Heather were good friends, that's why

    7. imagination DUCK 25 months ago | reply

      This is awfully sad to hear, may she rest in peace.

    8. 鉄男 25 months ago | reply

      So sorry to hear. My thoughts and prayers are with Heather, her friends & family.

    9. diegoboy 25 months ago | reply

      Rest in peace Heather.

    10. Paul B. Hartzog 25 months ago | reply

      So awful. Wishing peace to all who feel this tragedy.

    11. papa ewok (ewok master) 25 months ago | reply

      Rest in peace Heather. I only talked to her once, but it still hits me hard.

    12. kaitimar 25 months ago | reply

      Some news should just stay Fool's day jokes.

      Rest in peace, Lego Girl.
      I will never again be able to look
      at a particularly well done dollhouse
      without thinking of you.

    13. Bodo Elsel [deleted] 24 months ago | reply

      Rest in Peace

    14. M.R. Yoder 24 months ago | reply

      I haven't commented about Heather's death until now because it has taken me some time to process. I didn't know her, but we were kindred spirits. Life is not easy. For some of us it is almost unbearable. I hope that whatever tormented her in life she has found release from in death. I'm sorry you couldn't find the help you needed. I hope you are at peace now.

    15. Justin. Z ★ 24 months ago | reply

      I'm late but oh my god. It's just not fair. Good people die and there isn't a damn thing you can do. It really isn't until after someone dies that you really start to realize how lucky you were when she was here.

    16. Spider-Brick 11 months ago | reply

      I remember hearing about her missing around a year ago, so I came to find out what happened.
      I don't know how it is to lose someone who is really close or loved, but I can't imagine how tough it is.
      I'm really sorry for what happened, and I hope who is responsible will be brought to justice. I'm not a religious person, but if there is anything peaceful after death, I hope she finds it.

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