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Lionfish...Requisite 3/4 front view

Some of you may be wondering why my good friend Guy Himber is lately taunting me, teasing me, creating fake profiles and pretty much making an ass of himself. Well, he and I are competing against each other in a mean bloodthirsty competition called Iron Builder. Its just like Iron Chef on TV...dramatic, over-the-top...and they even provide you with “secret ingredient” pieces that each competing builder must use. In this case, the secret ingredient piece is...(silence on the set, please)...(long drum roll)...(shut up, you!)...(even longer drum roll)...(dead silence)...White 1x6x3 1/3 Curved Top Brick Arches!!! I know, amazing, right? Believe me, my heart stopped too.


For my first entry I reached for eight of those bad boys and a pantload of other pieces to construct this Lionfish starship for the cunning bounty hunter, Onil Snitram. (figure that one out, kids!) Guy once built a lionfish himself and it seems to be an Iron Builder staple so I figured I’d try my hand at a Lino-fied version with enough greebly doodads and space doohickeys to keep a sci-fi convention drooling for weeks. The bounty hunter has been hired to scour the galaxy and capture Guy Himber himself! Turns out he was pretty easy to find...gloating online about how he thinks he’s gonna win this thing and acting like a huge dumbass down there in California. Once captured, Guy was frozen in Carbonite (got the idea from some movie, probably) and stored in the aft hold of the ship known as the poop deck. (Awww snap! No you didn’t! Girlfriend!)


Once secured snugly within the confines of the poop deck (its a real term, look it up!) Guy is transported to the secret Iron Builder Arena where I’m certain the all-knowing judges will unmercifully dole out Guy Himber’s fate. Oh, did I mention this was just a first in a series of MOCs designed to make Guy squirm and maybe wet himself a little? Yeah, that’s sort of important. Are you scared yet, Guy? Well are ya? You should be. ;)

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Taken on July 19, 2010