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This new Battle Bug is a rule bender for sure. Its called Scuttler and its not even a bug, but it looks and acts like one. Its a coconut crab...a strange creature that lives, not in the water, but on land in the jungles of the many south pacific islands and feels right at home climbing trees. In real life, these creatures can weigh as much as 30 lbs. and can lift up to 64 lbs. This makes it the largest invertebrate on land and is said to the absolute upper limit to how large a land animal with an exoskeleton can be in our Earth’s atmosphere. Its powerful claws are designed to crack open coconuts and legend has it that they have occasionally made easy work of human fingers and limbs. They are also called robber crabs for their tendency to steal food and shiny objects from huts and tents.


On the battlefield, this Battle Bug lives up to its name as robber crab as it has an uncanny reputation to steal supplies (as well as victories) from platoons favored to win. The pilot operates its forward and reverse locomotion as well as its ultra-powerful claws while the rear facing gunner mans two swivel cannons, one rear “stinger” phalanx gun and two long range rocket launchers. its ability to lift far more than its own weight makes this crab a formidable foe to even much larger Battle Bugs. Like the real thing, this Battle Bug can climb vertical inclines such as banyan trees or cliffs and can plot sabotage on unsuspecting platoons below. This was built for the Jungle Fever build challenge over at Battle Bugs.

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Taken on April 23, 2010