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Tick | by Lino M
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The Battle Bug challenge called for Creepy Crawlers ...well, there is nothing in my opinion, and my experience more repulsive, more loathsome...nothing that instills more primal, spine tingling disgust than the common tick. What starts off as an innocent hike in the New England woodlands, a picnic in a field, or playing fetch with a friendly neighborhood dog, sometimes ends in fear and horror. A sideways glance in a bathroom mirror later that day can yield disquieting results...or nonchalantly rubbing the back of your head to feel the bristle of your hair only to find the telltale seed shaped lump. The tiny parasite has made a home of your flesh and is feeding on your life’s blood!


I can say that discovering a tick with its head burrowed deeply in your skin is, to me, as startling and revolting as suddenly realizing you’re missing a limb, or waking up with all your teeth gone. Instinct dictates that we must remove the parasite immediately, but do it with caution. Old wives tales state that if you pull the tick body off but accidentally leave the tiny head and mouth parts burrowed in your skin, the head will still feed and eggs will hatch beneath your skin. Infection is the more likely scenario and there is also the very real possibility that the tick you removed (especially the miniscule deer tick) may carry Lyme Disease. If ticks are left unchecked, they will become engorged with blood, fat and grey-green, their legs become useless as they resemble misshapen marbles...or in extreme cases, a cluster of them can become the size of golf balls!


In the world of Battle Bugs, this tiny unmanned robotic parasite is designed to burrow between armored plates and hinges, to sever and corrode electronic systems and render even the mightiest of Battle Bugs incapacitated. One tick is problem enough, but an infestation means certain doom for entire bug armies!

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Taken on March 30, 2010