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A Galaxie of Holiday Cheer!

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You may remember a bike featuring Santa Claus and Natasha, his sexy Russian mail order bride, from last Christmas. Well this year they’ve acquired a new custom ride; a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible. Close the hood and red lights will illuminate the engine compartment and can be seen through the unique hood window. A spacious trunk and back seat can be loaded with holiday gifts (or mischievous elves) and gold grille and rims, plus a dark red and dark green color configuration makes this Galaxie Christmasy, yet more sophisticated than your usual bright holiday colors. A classic white interior ties the whole Christmas theme together. The top can be used when transporting holiday cheer in the dead of winter...or it can come off when bringing toys to all the good boys and girls living in warmer climates. Either way, this is one classy cool custom ride! This was built for the Galaxie of Possibilities challenge over at LUGNuts.

I wish you all the very best holiday season and may you get all the Lego and other toys your hearts desire! Even you naughty kids. You know who you are.

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  1. JD Luse 64 months ago | reply

    Sweet colors.

  2. />ylan/>. 64 months ago | reply

    lovin' the transparent hood!

  3. Jason son 64 months ago | reply

    The colours are wow.Can´t find the right words.Best styled Galaxie i´ve ever seen built with bricks.

  4. r a p h y 64 months ago | reply

    Eh, not too sold on the hood, but hey I love the car. The gold is awesome.

  5. V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber 64 months ago | reply

    Does Natasha fit in the back seat too?
    ; )

  6. Dunechaser 64 months ago | reply

    I'm just step right over the potential landmines of double-entendres and invite this lovely photo to Blogged by The Brothers Brick!

  7. _lichtblau_ 64 months ago | reply

    Lovely details...Oh!...there is also an awesome car in the pic!...I was distracted for a sec...

  8. Lino M 64 months ago | reply


    nerohound...thank you. Yes, LED lights. official Lego pieces.

    Shannon Ocean...crazy swingin' cool, Daddy-O!

    Heather...what a piece of...genius. Ahhh. thanks. I thought you were going somewhere else for a sec. ;)

    Rafalski...sounds like your parents had good taste.

    JD Luse...thanks

    Dylan...thank you

    Jason son...thank you for your kind words.

    Raphy...not sold on the window in the hood? I've always wanted to do that. it was my first time, usually I'd leave a hole for the blowers to come through but a window...pretty unusual.

    V&A Steamworks...As the challenge write up states; "The mid-sixties Galaxie was voted to have the most spacious back seat of any other car, making it the favorite amongst young drivers who enjoy...um...yanno...sitting. ;" So yes, Natasha fits very well in the back seat. Its even spacious enough to comfortably accommodate Natasha's mother who...let's just say is built to survive the long and brutal Siberian winters.

    Dunechaser...ok, I added. I'm honored to be featured once again, my man. Thank you!

    lichblau...Lino-esque. I like it! Thank you.

    Pixeleye...Thank you. Good to see you here!

  9. bricksonwheels 64 months ago | reply

    Great work Lino! Colours, atmosphere, everything matches again!

  10. penrose.taylor@gmail.com 64 months ago | reply

    Very nice... It could be a shoe in!

  11. Lino M 64 months ago | reply

    kin.lego...thank you, its an honor to be on there.

    bricksonwheels...thank you, my man


  12. Model Gal 64 months ago | reply

    Bit late, sorry about that, but I finally posted it on my Model Building Secrets' blog.

  13. Lino M 64 months ago | reply

    Model Gal...better late than never. ;) Thanks for posting me, I really appreciate it.

  14. daniel-jones 63 months ago | reply

    this is awesome :]

  15. Lino M 63 months ago | reply

    daniel jones...thanks!

  16. jonnathan2010 59 months ago | reply

    You buy, or you Make?
    If you make, Good job!

  17. Lino M 59 months ago | reply

    jonnathan2010...I make.

  18. jonnathan2010 59 months ago | reply

    Well.. Good Job!

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