Rhinoceros Beetle...open with figure

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A new force is on the rise and threatens to throw the Lego world into chaos…they are The Battle Bugs! You’re looking at Juggernaut, a heavily armored fighting bug modeled after the Rhinoceros Beetle. In close combat, its powerful pinchers can pierce through the heaviest of armor and can even sever hapless bug foes in half! But the most formidable feature lurks beneath this bug’s heavy shell…the abdomen opens to reveal a long range missile launcher. The missiles carry “bug poison”, a noxious, explosive gel that scatters and sticks like napalm. Even a near miss can prove fatal to any unfortunate bug mech within range. Battle Bugs will be a new theme at Brickcon09 and is founded by Mark Neumann, a formidable mech builder, Jason Ruff, a talented spaceship builder from Portland and me, Lino…a car builder usually but no slouch when it comes to other stuff. The ultimate bug war will take place at Brickcon09 and the Battle Bug Commanders need your help to populate the battlefield! Big bugs are heavily armored and well gunned, but smaller bugs are stealthy and cunning. Which will you build? Trophies will be given at Brickcon09 for some of the best bugs on the battlefield. For those who can’t make Brickcon, you can also join our Battle Bugs group.
The fate of the bug world hangs in the balance and we need your help to make this a truly phenomenal new category. Seek the Battle Bug Commanders for any questions and comments you may have. Good luck everyone, and as always…happy building.

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  1. Lino M 71 months ago | reply

    Raphy...won't sleep for days? Welcome to my world! ;)

  2. Firas Abu-Jaber 71 months ago | reply

    This is insane! High quality.

  3. Lino M 71 months ago | reply

    Firas...thank you, kind sir!

  4. revzillo BF(Bondage Fiend) 71 months ago | reply

    Looks like a Bug straight out of 'Starship Troopers!' Awsome !!!

  5. Uspez 71 months ago | reply

    You really nailed the design on this one! A lesser man would have cheated with wheels or less huge pincers but not you. Incredible!

  6. Lino M 71 months ago | reply

    revzillo...I wasn't thinking of starship troopers at the time but yeah, I can see that.

    Uspez Morbo...I had to do a little knee surgery on all six legs as they suddenly exploded in every direction from the weight...but its new stronger knees are holding up great. I study pics of actual bugs and I like to be as accurate as possible so no, I don't cheat or compromise.

  7. necromancer7 66 months ago | reply

    멋지네여...따라서 만들어 보고싶네요...하지만...벌크가...

  8. maitsi 64 months ago | reply

    nice... like this

  9. Lino M 64 months ago | reply


  10. Brian Goldfain 63 months ago | reply

    i want that! That is one of the coolest lego sets ive ever seen!!!

  11. Lino M 63 months ago | reply

    Brian Goldfain...its not a set. Its called a MOC (My Own Creation). This came from my head, not from instructions.

  12. V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber 63 months ago | reply

    You have a LEGO store inside your head?

    I don't get it...

  13. Doctor Mobius 63 months ago | reply

    And here you thought you'd only get that at the conventions...

  14. Lino M 63 months ago | reply

    V&A Steamworks...actually there's a Lego store in my bathroom but its in a parallel dimension and only Lord Kimboat of the Zorgons can take me there. Plus you have to squint at just the right angle to see it. I don't suppose you'd understand.

    Captain redstorm...heh!

    Doctor Mobius...hey, at least he didn't say "I could totally have built this myself if I had time to waste" like some schmuck on Autoblog once said.

  15. ne's.limitededition [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

    Total rad! I had no idea lego's had gone buggy. Grandson is sure love something like this. Thanks for the clue guys. Have to go learn the art of war now my grandson has a worthy oponent to battle.

  16. Lino M 59 months ago | reply

    ne's limitededition...thanks for your compliments. Lego has not gone buggy officially, but since the pieces are made to make anything we want from them, I have taken the liberty of going buggy myself. In fact, my friends and I founded a Battle Bugs group and have gone completely buggy with it, so be sure you and your grandson check it out. The link to the group is up in my write up.

  17. Lino M 47 months ago | reply

    Museum of world wonders...cool stuff. I made you a contact.

  18. F@bz 23 months ago | reply

    Woow , this moc is more than amazing....love that mech beetle

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