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"All But Four" LUGNuts Challenge Entry (3 of 3!)... Santa's Little Bobber

In the off season, I think Santa is a biker. I mean think about it…thumb through any biker mag and what do you see? Forget the obvious bikes, avert your eyes away from the biker chicks flashing their boobs and the drunken beer swilling and what do you have left? That’s right…shirtless fat guys with huge beards! My 3rd entry into the LUGNuts “All But Four”

build challenge is what I’d imagine Santa’s bike to be…an old-timey 1930’s era Christmas themed bobber with a panhead motor and a sidecar full of toys! He has Mrs. Claus there to help him. She’s…um…a little younger than the Mrs. Claus of traditional folklore. Something about a second marriage and a mail order from Russia…I don’t know, I don’t ask questions. Anyway, check out that rack…of antlers behind the front tire and the headlight is red like Rudolph’s nose. I want to wish you all the very happiest of holidays no matter what winter festivities you celebrate…and if you need proof that great minds think alike, check out Nathan (Proudlove)’s newest entry. It’s a little uncanny and not the first time we’ve shared the same ethereal brain. Happy Holidays everyone!

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Taken on December 21, 2008