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Coulrophobia...Fear of Clowns! AND My 666th Photo! | by Lino M
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Coulrophobia...Fear of Clowns! AND My 666th Photo!

You kids like ice cream, dontcha? What’s the matter? You afraid of little ol’ me? With our exaggerated features and big floppy shoes its no wonder many children…and more than a few grown-ups (yanno, Johnny Depp and P Diddy) have coulrophobia…the fear of clowns. Maybe the kiddies know something the rest of youse don’t! They say many clowns are a dark and depressed lot, living on the fringe of society…prone to alcoholism, perversion and criminal activity. Well, lets just say me and my buddy here has had our share of roughhousing and wicked shenanigans, if ya know what I mean.

Oh, where are my manners? Allow myself to introduce…myself. Me with the red umbrella

And the devilish grin, I’m Bad Mojo. And my buddy in the mini hot rod, that’s…Bad Mofo. Hah! Get it?! Bad Mojo and Bad Mofo! I still laugh at that every time I say it! Anyway, we’re part of the Fear and Loathing build challenge over at LUGNuts. It’s all about phobias and superstitions. Good stuff, ya really should check it out. Oh and lemme show ya my ghastly ride…its an ice cream truck appropriately called…I Scream and its customized to be better suited for our…um…fiendish adventures. You see it has a snarling clown face for a grille, flames, sliding doors and a gnarly clown skull and crossbones on the roof. Also, you turn a little crank and buzz saw blades come screaming out from under the front bumper! They’re cleverly hidden sideways between the wheel wells when not in use…which is almost never! In case the kiddies don’t get the point of the buzz saws…(heh! Get it? Point!) another little lever launches a ramp and Bad Mofo in his mini hot rod out the back of the truck to chase down children and old ladies! And seriously, who wouldn’t like to scare the bejesus outta some snot-nosed kids from time to time? Oh, by the way, we’re available for bah mitzvahs and birthday parties! So…which one of you broads wants to give Mofo and me a kiss? Hah! Yanno what they say about a man who wears big shoes, dontcha?! Yeah, it means we have big feet! Hah Hah Hah Hah!

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Taken on November 20, 2008