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Smith-Fangruida space tunnel and cosmic multidimensional distortion structure positive or negative, complex generalization | by boerwilson
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Smith-Fangruida space tunnel and cosmic multidimensional distortion structure positive or negative, complex generalization

Cosmic superstar, Cangwu Shenzun--The multidimensional distortion structure and stable complex structure of the universe, the XY, XZ deep structure of the universe, the "Smith Fangruida Space Tunnel" space tunnel (Fangruida law, Manuscript of the Fangruida space tunnel design and manufacturing technology) Caris. Bor Fer. S September 2012


2017v2. 4

Subtitle: Major Technical Difficulties and Key Points in the Structural Design and Manufacture of Space Tunnels - Space Ladders (

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- Original: Fangruida Smith)

Compile: Caris. Bor Fer. S September 2012

Editor's Note: "Smith Fangruida Space Tunnel", the English abbreviation "S-F-S-T"

The cosmological structural theory and the major technical difficulties and key points in the design and manufacture of space tunnel-space ladder structure are one of the most important topics and research results of Fang Ruida's lifelong research. The former belongs to scientific discoveries, while the latter belongs to technological inventions, and the two are different. Respect the originality of the technology, published the manuscript of the original author, basically kept the original appearance, without modification, the original manuscript translation. In order to meet the requirements of global readers and the majority of Internet users and science and technology workers, multilingual translation comparison, global online version, electronic version, mobile version. 2017v2. 4 version, 2018v1.3 special edition. Hereby explain. The manuscript technique was reviewed several times by Professor Smith to ensure that the technical documentation is accurate. Thank you very much. At the same time, I would like to thank many readers and netizens for their comments on the previous version. The title is added by the compiler, and the subtitle is the title of the original manuscript, which is hereby noted. If there are any errors, please correct me so that you can correct them immediately when you reprint.


Caris. Bor Fer. S 2012 Paris



█ The God of the Universe - Super Planet Shield Block UY: The radius is 2000 times larger than the Sun, and the volume is 5 billion times that of the Sun.



People often praise history and many heroes, no more than gods. Today in the 21st century AD, human society has grown tremendously and prospered. Science and technology, and social productivity have developed rapidly, far exceeding the ancient Middle Ages, far exceeding the ancient human society. This is an indisputable fact. In the natural world, from grain to the universe, from micro to macro, there is a great contrast. The world's greatest is not only the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and the Sun, but even more, it shocks the world and humanity. The universe is so huge that the ancients could not understand, observe and understand the universe, the sun, and the stars as modern human beings. Therefore, all nations of the world have produced a variety of beautiful myths, which are heard and heard from generation to generation. Later, it is the birth of religion, the development of society to a certain stage, totem, worship, meditation, worship of the gods, blessing God, and so on. Religion is closely related to mythology and even inseparable. Religion is the inevitable product and natural process in the process of human evolution. It is also the peak stage of the development of the history of human society. Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam are the representatives of the times and are the landmark events of the development of human history. All things in the universe, the gods, and religions, are often mixed together and difficult to separate. After the Middle Ages, with the development and breakthrough of human social productive forces, science and technology were the first to bear the brunt, the steam engine industry revolution began, human society developed rapidly, and science and technology became increasingly powerful, which gradually made it possible for humans to truly observe the universe, explore the universe, and study the universe. Astronomical cosmology, the solar system with the development of physical chemistry, has made brilliant achievements, worthy of the book. Cosmic superstar, world super giant, super deity - shield UY: the radius is 2000 times larger than the sun, the volume is 5 billion times the sun. The planet is bigger than the sun, superstar, super giant, super God respects, can be Zeus. UY is so powerful that the Earth's moon Mars, Jupiter and the Sun, are simply vulnerable, and humans are even more difficult to deal with.

The mythical figures of world history, from Europe to Asia, Africa to Latin America, are not uncommon.

Indra: Heavenly Emperor.

This is the god of Hinduism.

Ardney: Vulcan.

Agni The Vedic and the Vulcan of the Indian Brahmin.

Valkyna: Water God.

The building is the god of the sky, the rain and the god of the sky in Indian mythology.

Try to figure out: Death.

According to the Vedic records, the mortal is the first death to reach the heavenly land.

Sully: The sun god.

The sun god was born from a part of Brahma's body, and Suriya was respected as a sacred vitality giver. He inspired the understanding of mortals, calling for the rain, and governing everything in motion and stillness. He runs on a fixed law, and he binds the world to make it permanent. He was the first sacrificer on the earth to give fire to mankind.

Brahma: The God of Creation.

Vishnu: Protecting God.

Brahma is in charge of "creation", Shiva is in charge of "destruction", and Vishnu is the god of "maintenance". His character is gentle, giving favor to believers who believe in piety, and often transforms into a world of images to save the world.

Shiva: the god of music, dance and destruction.

Shiva, one of the three great gods of Hinduism, the god of destruction.

The predecessor was the god of reproduction, the "beast master" of the Indus civilization, and the god of the Vedic storm, Ludaro, which combines the dual character of reproduction and destruction, creation and destruction.

Ashura: Devil.

Jia Luluo: The golden-winged bird, eternal life in the fierce fire.

Kaloulou is a giant bird recorded in ancient Indian mythology. It is the mount of Vishnu, one of the three main gods in Hinduism, and one of the eight dragons in Buddhism.

Ancient Greek mythology

(Greek: ελληνικ μυθολογα) is the myth of all the ancient Greek gods, heroes, nature and cosmic history, either verbally or in words. The spiritual product of the original clan society.

New god

The new goddess gods are all living on Mount Olympus. Zeus overthrew his father's rule and established a new ruling order with twelve main gods: (The ancient Roman mythology corresponds to it, the name and temperament have changed, the solar system planet It is named after it.)

Olympus twelve gods

Zeus (Δίος/Ζεύς, Zeus): (God King, Thunder) Olympus is the king of the Protoss, the Lord of the Gods, the god of the sky, thunder and lightning.

Hera (Ἥρα, Hera): (Days later, marriage, birth, protection of women) days, women's protection of God, in charge of marriage and childbearing. Also known by the Romans as Juno Monalida, the third daughter of Cronus and Rhea, the sister and wife of Zeus.

Poseidon (Ποσειδῶν, Poseidon): (Ocean, freedom, desire) The god of the sea and the shock of the earth (the second brother of Zeus)

Hades (Ἅιδης, Hades): (Underworld, wealth, human death, flame) Pluto, in charge of the entire underworld, the souls of human death and human death, another version said that he is the three main gods (ie, Ming, The oldest of the sea, Tian Sanjie. (also the brother of Zeus and Poseidon)

Athena (Ἀθήνη, Athena): (Wisdom, Textile, Order) The goddess of wisdom, the daughter of Zeus and Metis. War, peace, law, order, science and technology, goddess of work, one of the three goddesses (Aris represents the battle of violence and blood, Athena represents the battle of justice)

Helios, the sun god in Greek mythology. He is the son of the goddess of Perpion and Yuya, the goddess of the moon goddess Selene and the goddess of the dawn god Eos, the father of the karst engraved.

Akso (κεσώ, Akso) is a goddess of health in Greek mythology, she is the daughter of Asclepius and Eperone

Artemis (Ἄρτεμις, Artemis): (hunting, moon, forest) god of the wilderness, goddess of hunting, goddess of the moon (the daughter of Zeus and Leto. One of the three goddesses, is the embodiment of the original nature power.)

Aphrodite (Ἀφροδίτη, Aphrodite): (beauty and love, desire) the goddess of love and beauty.

Hermes (Ἑρμῆς, Hermes): (commercial, letter, fraud, thief originator) business, market, tourism, the god of transportation, the god of theft.

Ares (Ἄρης, Ares): (war, violence) God of War, power, the god of bravery (the son of Zeus and Hera.)

Hephaestus (Ἥφαιστος, Hephaestus): (flame, casting, handmade art) Vulcan, forged, craft god, blacksmith patron saint.

Dionysus (Διόνυσος, Dionysus): (wine, joy) wine god, the god of drama

Hestia (Ἑστία, Hestia): (stove, family room) fire goddess, house goddess.

Demeter (Δήμητρα, Demeter): (agriculture, life, earth, plants) [9] the goddess of agricultural production.

Slavic national mythology

Including Slavic folk beliefs, it has been inherited for more than 3,000 years. Before the Slavic nationality converted to Christianity, they believed in the so-called Slavic mythology. According to the region, Slavic mythology can be divided into East Slavic myths and Sislav myths. The Eastern Slavic mythology is mainly spread in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. The myth of Sislav is mainly spread in the northern part of Poland, close to the Baltic Sea.


God of War Sventovit, Ray Perron. Sventovit is the supreme god in the heart of the Slavs on the Baltic coast - God of God, he is depicted as four or four faces, riding a white horse, holding a sword and a spear, followed by 300 soldiers; ancient Slavic soldiers must sacrifice this before the battle God seeks refuge. He is also a god who blesses the rich. Raytheon and the Warriors protect the gods from driving in the sky with a fire arrow to shoot the devil, so there is thunder and lightning. He later became the great god of Ross.

Great god

Perun: The god of thunder and lightning, but also war and forging.

Veles: God of the earth, water and the underworld.

Male god

Belobog: The name means "white god", the god of light and the sun.

Chernobog: The name means "black god", the god of darkness and sorrow, and the white god is opposite.

Dajbog: The sun god worshipped by the East, West, and Yugoslav nationals may also be a legendary hero who is deified.

Juthrbog: The legendary moon god of the Wende (a Slavic nationality in ancient Germany).

Siebog: the god of love and marriage.

Hors: The sun god in winter. Slavs believes that Hells represents the weak and old sun, he was defeated by the "black god" and died, but will be revived on the day of the winter solstice to become the new god Koleda (meaning "Christmas").

Jarilo: The god of reproduction, plant growth, war and harvest.

Stribog: The god of wind and atmosphere.

Podaga: the god of climate and fishing and hunting.

Svarog: Vulcan.

Porewit: The God of the Forest,

Simargl: It may be the god of seed.

Flins: The death of the legend of the Wende.

Berstuk: The legend of the Wende, the evil god of the forest.

Marowit: The god of nightmares in the legend of the Wende.



Cislobog/Zislbog: The goddess of the moon.

Sieba/Siva: the goddess of love, beauty and reproduction. Sheikh's wife.

Dziewona: The goddess of hunting, also the goddess. The time of recording appeared significantly later than other gods, probably from the Divine of Roman mythology.

Vesna: the goddess of youth and spring.

Lada/Lado: The goddess of harmony.


God of war

Triglav: The name means "three faces", God of War.

Magic god

Zirnitra: The god of magic. The god of magic, in the form of a black dragon. For the source of all magic.


Nordic mythology

Nordic mythology is a mythological system unique to Scandinavia. The oral history of Nordic mythology can be traced back to the 1st to 2nd centuries, first in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

mythology figure

Great God Odin


Odin is the king of the gods, the ruler of the world.



Friga is the god of love, in charge of marriage and family, Odin's wife. There is rule in heaven and the Hades.



Raytheon, the eldest son of the Lord God Odin, the son of the goddess of the earth, Fooqin. Responsible for controlling war and agriculture as the main enemy of the giant.





Frey is the god of fertility, prosperity, love, peace, the king of the beautiful fairy country Alfheim, belonging to the Warner Protoss. One said that he and Balder are the god of light, or the sun god.



Rocky is the god of fire, the god of mischief, and the evil spirit.


Tyre is the god of war, the son of the giant Himmy, and Lieutenant General Edda called him "the father of the gods."


Freya is the god of breeding, the birth and love, the sister of Frey.



Holdel is the god of darkness.



He is a child born to Odin and the female giant Grid.



Manat (Arabic: منات) is one of the three goddesses of Mecca. The Arabs believe that she is the goddess of fate. Hishām Ibn al-Kalbī's "Kitāb al-Asnām" points out that Manat is the oldest of the three goddesses.

Other gods:

The statue of Manav (Arabic: مناف) is maintained by women.

Wade (Arabic: واد) is the god of love and friendship, the snake is its sacred object.

Kom (Arabic: القوم) is the god of war and night in Nabata, and the patron saint of the camel caravan.

Mythical creature


Arab mythology is the belief system of Arabs in the pre-Islamic period.

Islam has not yet appeared in the Arabian Peninsula before 622 AD. The Kelba of Mecca is full of demons, elves, and demigods, as well as various biological images of various Arab polytheistic belief systems.

"One Thousand and One Nights" and various stories are passed down from generation to generation. There are stories of elves, ghouls, magic lights and magic carpets, as well as the Lord.


The various wishes of the people.

The Qur'an, "Shuguangzhang", mentions the concept of evil eyes.


1 Arab gods

Father God:

Hubal (Arabic: هبل) is the Lord of the Gods.

Three goddesses:

Lat (Arabic: اللات) is Luna, one of the three goddesses of Mecca.

Uza (Arabic: العزى) is the goddess of fertility, known as the "powerful goddess", and is one of the three goddesses of Mecca. The Arabs only prayed for protection and victory before the war, showing their status.



Malid (Arabic: مارد) is the most powerful elf.


Nasnas (Arabic: نسناس) is a semi-personal class.

Ancient Egyptian mythology

Egyptian mythology, also an ancient Egyptian religion, refers to the system of God and religion that ancient Egyptians believed before the spread of Christianity and Islam. Because the ancient Egyptians' beliefs have gone through nearly 3,000 years of history, and there have been many major changes, the biggest difference between Egyptian mythology and Greek or Roman mythology is that most of the gods in Egyptian mythology are human heads.

mythology figure

Nine-column system

Ra (Ra): The sun god.

Egyptian nine-column god

Shu (Shu): Fengshen.

Tefnut: The god of rain.

Geb, Seb: God of the Earth.

Nut: The god of the sky.

Osiris: Pluto, also a rich man.

Isis/Auset: The wife of Osiris, the mother of Horus, the mother of the earth, and the life of the palm.

Seth: God of chaos, war, desert and the god of foreign countries.


Nephthys: The patron saint of the deceased, the mother of Anubis.


Chinese mythology:

Pangu - open up the earth; praise the father - chasing the sun;

Immortal character

Sanqing Four Royals - the highest god of Taoism (Sanqing, namely Taiqing, Yuqing, Shangqing, is one of the highest in the Taoist world); it is also the collective name of Taoism to morality, respect, and spiritual treasure. .

Jade Emperor,

The world's most famous figures, including the emperor kingdom, religious leaders and many other, such as the name of God, Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed and so on. In ancient times, modern figures are also lacking in people, Nobel, Darwin, Newton, Galileo, Copernicus, Columbus and so on.

In terms of physical astronomy and cosmology, there are many famous people. Hipparchus (a famous Greek astronomer)

Aristarch (ancient Greek astronomer, mathematician.)

Crodis Ptolemy (ancient Greek geographer, astronomer, mathematician. He is the author of "Astronomy Dacheng".

Nikola Copernicus (Poland, founder of modern astronomy, founder of heliocentric theory, is the author of The Theory of Celestial Movement).

Digu Brahe (Danish astronomer, the founder of modern astronomy).

Galileo Galilei (Italy, famous mathematician, physicist, astronomer and philosopher, pioneer of modern experimental science).

Isaac Newton (British. is a great British mathematician, physicist, astronomer and natural philosopher, and he is also a theological learner who studied theology in his later years).

Edmund Halley (British astronomer and mathematician.)

Charles Messier (French astronomer, produced the famous "Messier Star Cluster Nebula List")

Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel (British astronomer, classical composer, musician. Founder of Stellar Astronomy, known as the father of stellar astronomy.)

Christian Huygens (Dutch physicist, astronomer, mathematician, he is an important physics pioneer between Galileo and Newton, establishing the law of centripetal force, proposing the principle of conservation of momentum, and improving the timer)

Edwin Hubble (one of the most famous figures in the study of modern cosmology, the founder of astronomy outside the river.)

Johannes Kepler (Germany, founder of the laws of planetary motion)


Stephen William Hawking Physicist

Arthur Stanley Eddington (British astronomer, physicist, mathematician)



Carl Friedrich Gauss

Gula Tesla


Nikola Tesla is a buried genius who has only been known in recent years. He is not only an inventor, a mechanical engineer, but also an electrical scientist. He presided over the design of a modern AC system.


Science and philosophy are the most important propellers of human history. The gods of world history, besides God, are probably scientists, philosophers, thinkers, explorers, politicians, military strategists, commercial giants and the like.


Exploring the universe and marching into the universe is the greatest and most brilliant achievement in human history. The rocket invented the originator Qi Olkowski, Gagarin, the United States on the moon, China's spacecraft landing on the moon and other major achievements and glory. The present world is no longer ancient, nor medieval, but the era of the planet, the space age, and the universe. History cannot be retrograde, and it can only move forward.


The tinyness of particles, the greatness of celestial bodies, and the scientific discoveries of today are amazing. What is the greatest celestial planet in the universe? It’s really shocking. The moon, the earth, Mars, Jupiter, the sun, etc. are really insignificant, and the larger celestial planet is awesome.

The largest planet that has been discovered so far is the shield UY, which is a red superstar. Although the quality of the blue superstar is larger, the volume of the red superstar is usually larger than that of the blue superstar. The shield is larger. The UY star has a diameter of 2.376 billion kilometers and a radius of nearly 1.2 billion kilometers.


These supermassive black holes will include tens of billions of solar mass objects, such as S5 0014 + 813, which contains about 40 billion solar masses and is one of the largest known black holes.


Shield UY is located in a distant shield seat, the radius is 2000 times larger than the sun, and the volume is about 5 billion times that of the sun. But the quality is only 12 times its quality.


The Great Canine VY Star is a red superstar in the Big Dog, which is 4,500 to 4,900 light years from Earth and 7.95. It is estimated that its mass is about 25-50 times the mass of the sun, and the radius is about 1800--2100 times the radius of the sun. If the big dog VY is placed in the sun, its edge will exceed the Saturn orbit. The Great Canine VY is not only huge, but also has a luminosity of 300,000 times that of the Sun, so it is classified as a superstar.



The Cygnus NML planet is the largest known planet in the universe. It emits 1650 times more radio than the sun. It takes 6 hours and 40 minutes for the beam to circulate around it.


WOH G64 is a red superstar in the barley system of the Barley (Zhelen), roughly estimated 160,000 light years away from the Milky Way. Its radius is roughly equivalent to 1,540 suns.


Orion Beta Stars is a blue superstar that is much larger than the Arcturus. The luminosity is 55,000 times that of the solar system. It is the brightest star in Orion and ranks 7th in the night sky. It is 863 light years away from the solar system and has a diameter of about 97.44 million kilometers, 70 times that of the sun.

There are two first-class stars in Orion. One is the seven, and the other is the four. The fourth star, Orion alpha star, is an M2Iab red superstar, the 10th brightest star in the night sky, 640 light years from the solar system. Its diameter is uncertain, about 8.7 billion kilometers, 630 times that of the sun.


Beihe III is located in Gemini, the Gemini beta, about 35 light years from the solar system. The Beihe River has a diameter of 1,115,360 kilometers, which is 8.3 times the size of the sun.


The solar system is located on a spiral arm called the Orion's arm. It is about 26,400 light-years from the center of the Milky Way. It rotates counterclockwise and takes about 220 million years to rotate around the silver heart.

The gap between the center of the Galaxy is 7.94±0.42 thousand seconds. Our spiral arm is about 6,500 light years away from the adjacent Yingxian arm.


The solar system circulates around the orbit every 2.25 to 250 million years.

The Milky Way is the stellar system in which the solar system is located, including 150-400 billion stars and a large number of clusters, nebulae, and various types of interstellar gas and interstellar dust, black holes, whose visible total mass is 210 billion times the mass of the sun.

Most of the stars in the Milky Way are concentrated in a spheroidal space, and the shape of the spheroid is like a discus. The protruding part of the spheroid is called the "nuclear ball" and has a radius of about 7000 light years.


The vastness of the universe is incomparable in the universe than the huge celestial bodies of the Sun Moon Jupiter Galaxy. The universe that can be observed at the present stage of human beings is just a grain of the universe. Not to mention the smallness of human beings. Astronomy, astrophysics, astrophysics, cosmic physics, galaxy physics, cosmology, cosmology, etc., lunar physics, lunar chemistry, Mars physics, Mars chemistry, Mars geology, are scientists cosmologist physicists The significance of the research and exploration field that chemists are extremely concerned about is self-evident.

The structure of the universe, the structure of elementary particles, the origin and evolution of life are not only the subject of natural science research, but also very important, directly related to the survival of human society and advanced intelligent creatures. God's Paradox, God of God, God's Particle, God's Staff, no matter what, but Zeus is, only humans may find it in the depths of the universe, or may be aliens, alien species. Of course, the myth is, after all, a myth. After all, religion is a religion. After all, science is science, and it has its own way. It has its own rationality and cannot be confused. In fact, scientific exploration of scientific research is endless. As we move forward, we will find that there are more cognitions and mistakes in the past, including fashionable popular theories and hypotheses. - Super Planet Shield UY: The radius is 2,000 times larger than the Sun, and the volume is 5 billion times that of the Sun. WOH G64 is a red superstar in the barley system of the Barley (Zhelen), roughly estimated 160,000 light years away from the Milky Way. Its radius is roughly equivalent to 1,540 suns. These new discoveries and new research have opened up the horizons and visions of human beings. Humans truly realize the hugeness of the universe, the enormous incomparable planet, the Earth, the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, etc. are all small and sorrowful.

As mentioned above, the research and exploration of the universe, myths, theories, scientific research, scientific exploration, scientific discoveries, scientific hypotheses, and cosmic models are quite numerous, stable states, big bangs, multiple universes, etc., which deserve world attention.

Its deep structure is XY, XZ, the universe and particles transform, polarization, including stars, dust, sun, galaxy, superstar UY, etc., the initial state of the universe, the ground state and the final state, basically the multidimensional distortion of particle motion, Positive or inverting, complex generalization, even including the galaxy, superstar, big bang, "black hole", "dark matter" and other strange forms of matter in the universe, and the ground state and deep structure of the universe beyond the human vision, All related to this. Of course, even theoretical physics requires scientific fact verification, otherwise it is difficult to establish. In fact, human cognition and rational wisdom also have their natural and inevitable limitations. Even if scientific facts have been discovered by humans, there are certain flaws and loopholes. Scientists are not gods after all, and they cannot be fully blamed. In a sense, it is a major breakthrough and leap. Humans have begun to march into the moon, enter Mars, and enter Jupiter. The detectors have already flown to the more distant cosmic interstellar, and the exploration of cosmology is crucial. The so-called space tunnel is obviously related to the special transport channel or transmission network established in the earth-space, the sky over the moon - the lunar surface, the sky above Mars - the Mars ground, and of course, including many other related technologies and equipment. Human beings are out of the earth, and at this stage they rely mainly on rockets and spaceships. The space tunnel basically does not use rocket technology. Instead, it uses space transportation ladders and space transmission devices built and built by special transmission materials and device equipment to form space tunnels to replace rockets. A. Earth - outer space B. Moon Space - Moon Ground C. Above Mars - Mars ground. D. Moon underground tunnel space. E. Spacecraft airborne transmission. F. The docking transmission of the space station and the spacecraft. G. The transmission of space stations and the Earth. These, collectively referred to as space tunnels, are complex in technology and risky. The special space materials used, the space equipment space devices, are expensive to invest. The advantage is that the space transportation cost is greatly reduced, and it can be transmitted and transmitted in a large amount. In the future, it is a special channel for humans to enter space. It is mainly freight transportation. After the technology is fully mature, it can be transported by people. For many years, humans have been looking forward to the ladder to heaven, the universe tunnel, and space tunnel technology for this purpose. Of course, the technical solution needs to be deepened and matured. "Smith Fangruida Space Tunnel", the English abbreviation "S-F-S-T"

The so-called space ladder, space tunnel, space cable, basically the same. Moreover, this technology is of great importance and is one of the most important options for humans to fly out of the earth and cannot be underestimated. This is also a particularly significant step for humanity to enter the universe, and it has far-reaching significance. Therefore, the upfront investment is not large, the technology is mature, the rate of return will be several thousand times tens of thousands of times, worth several trillions of trillions of dollars, far better than investment. Simple space transportation, space exploration, annual profits of up to tens of billions of dollars, or even trillions of dollars. This is the bridge built by mankind to the universe. The Shinto and the ladder are not small.

The atmosphere of the ball is vertically upward from the surface, and the atmosphere is usually divided into five layers: the troposphere, the stratosphere, the intermediate layer, the thermal layer and the outer layer.

1. The height of the troposphere is: 0 km to 7 to 11 km.

2. The height of the stratosphere is: 7 to 11 km to 50 km.

3. The height of the middle layer is: 50 km to 80 to 85 km.

4. The height of the thermal layer is: 80 to 85 km to 800 km.

5. The height of the dissipation layer is: 800 km to 2000 km to 3000 km.

The atmosphere refers to a layer of gas that is attracted by gravity to gather around the celestial body. Only when the mass of the celestial body is large enough, and the temperature of the gas is low enough, the gas can be retained, and a gas is accumulated in the surface of the planet to form an atmosphere. .

According to this definition, the moon has an atmosphere. One of its sources is the gas released from the radioactive decay of rare gas elements in the earth's crust. Another important source is micro-meteorites, solar winds and sunlight that hit the surface of the moon. The sputtering process. Some of the gas released by sputtering is attracted back to the weathering layer by the gravity of the moon. Compared to the Earth's atmosphere, it is almost still vacuum. So usually think that the moon has no atmosphere.

The atmospheric composition of Mars is similar to that of Earth, and the atmosphere is also enveloped around Mars. The main component of the Martian atmosphere is carbon dioxide, followed by nitrogen and argon, in addition to a small amount of oxygen and water vapor. Nitrogen exists in both the Martian atmosphere and the Earth's atmosphere, which is the biggest similarity between Mars and the Earth. The density of the Martian atmosphere is less than one percent of the Earth's atmosphere, and the surface atmospheric pressure is 500-700 mPa. The vertical distribution of Mars' atmospheric temperature is different from that of the Earth: from the surface to a height of 50 km.

The Venus atmosphere structure means that a detector of Venus has four layers of clouds: the upper layer is a pudding-like cloud with a height of 68-


58 km; middle clouds, 58 to 52 km high; lower dense clouds, 52-48 km high; lower mist layer, 48-31 km high. The atmosphere below 31 km is particularly sunny. In addition, an upper mist layer was found elsewhere.

It is speculated that the main components of the cloud layer are: water droplets, water ice, carbon dioxide ice, carbon monoxide, mercury halides, ammonium nitrides, ammonium chloride, silicate dust particles, carbonate particles, formaldehyde, hydrocarbon droplets, and some water. The ferric chloride and hydrochloric acid.

Conceptual diagram with solar power satellite function

Space elevator (English: Space elevator), also known as rail elevator, is also known as a ladder. It is a low-cost solution to transport payload from the surface of the earth or other planets to space.



The concept of a space elevator first appeared in 1895 and was proposed by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. For a long time, it was just a science fiction, because a suitable material could not be found to make a cable of sufficient strength. Scientific research in the United States, Japan, Europe, Russia and other countries has been fruitful, and the monographs of the research are quite impressive. Here, it should be emphasized that technical engineering is different from the thesis theory and must be practical and mature. Otherwise, it can only be sighed. The universe tunnel, which includes space ladders and space tunnels, is a comprehensive study. The integrity, rigor, reliability, feasibility, safety, science, novelty, maturity and advancement of the whole system are all indispensable. This constitutes cutting-edge technology, technical invention patents, and international patents. From technical concept to technical route to mature technology, it requires great investment and research and innovation. Otherwise, it will always be a castle in the air.

Static type

In the manner of a counterweight, the total weight is offset by centrifugal force, but the counterweight must be placed above the synchronous track.

The strength of the drop depends on gravity and height: {\displaystyle g=-G\cdot M/r^{2}}

Because the centrifugal force on the Earth's self-steering increases with height: {\displaystyle a=\omega ^{2}\cdot r}

So the sum of the forces in the opposite direction is: {\displaystyle g=-G\cdot M/r^{2}+\omega ^{2}\cdot r}

among them

g is the strength of the fall (m s−2),

a is the centrifugal force (m s−2),

G is the gravitational constant (m3 s−2 kg−1)

M is the mass of the earth (kg)

r is the distance from this point to the center of the Earth (m)

ω is the rotational speed of the earth (radians / sec)


Export formula: {\displaystyle r_{1}=(G\cdot M/\omega ^{2})^{1/3}}

Therefore, the geosynchronous orbit is calculated to be about 35,786 km from the center of the earth.

High speed mobile type

Also known as "Skyhook (structure)", which was published in 1993 by American aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin (English: Robert Zubrin), with a low height and a height of about 100 at the lower end of the structure. Kilometers, continue to fly at a high speed of 10-15 Mach to maintain altitude. Compared with the static type, it is necessary to transport a certain mass of the balancing hammer to the space first, and the high-speed moving type has a lower construction cost. (quoted from Wikipedia "Space Ladder")


This program aims to build a transport called a space elevator. The space elevator consists of several parts:

Counterweight: The counterweight is a relatively heavy object placed above the sync track.

Cable: The cable is a very long and strong rope that is thick and thin and is used to connect the ground to the counterweight.

Cargo hold: The cargo hold is used to load cargo and it can move up and down the cable between the space and the near-ground base.

Near-ground base: Due to the influence of the climate, it is inconvenient to be placed below the troposphere, otherwise it will be affected by typhoon or rain to the falling force of the equipment.

Carbon nanotubes are one of the viable materials

For space elevators built on the earth, the counterweight needs to be located about 36,000 kilometers above the ground and connected to the ground using 36,000 kilometers of cable.



Space elevators are not the only non-rocket space launch program. Other solutions can form a complete sky-hanging system with space elevators.

Track cannon

Dengtian Tower

Orbital ring

Launch ring

Track day hook

Miniaturized space elevators (such as the Hermes that accelerates the world)

Space cable (Wikipedia, etc.)

NASA proposes four major parts of space elevators: earth base stations, cables, elevators and counterweights. Of course, it also includes other important components. The space tunnel technology is sophisticated and sophisticated. It is not a universal cable that is imagined by ordinary people. It is a simple ladder. Its structure is very complicated and deep, and its technical conditions are very demanding. It has hundreds of thousands of parts. It mainly consists of the following components:

The space elevator and the space tunnel are close to each other, while the latter is more complicated and difficult.

A. Base station (earth ground), B. Cable material and C. power, D. orbiter and bearing capacity, (Earth outer synchronous orbit) more than 30,000 km of E. Construction, maintenance methods and technical implementation conditions (super high altitude construction, maintenance), F. Medium base station and node connection (cable relay, node and other platforms). G. The rigid structure of the space tunnel (the main structure and structure of the tunnel), H. Stable structure and deformation of the cable (structure and creep of the cable, etc.), M. Structural design and construction of the lift (sliding lift), N. Emergency treatment and rescue system (emergency emergency, accident risk management system, life support system, super high altitude aircraft, super high altitude automatic parachute, automatic return system, etc.) O. Communication, maintenance, radiation protection, lightning protection, etc., mechanical and electrical accident handling, etc.) K. Standby system, spare cable channel, etc.

The space tunnel combines the structural structure and deep structure and structure of space elevators and space tunnels, two-way tunnels, ropeways, track rails (made of special materials), tunnel-level stations every few kilometers, and special protective layer materials at the outer end of the tunnel. The safety protection structure is built in, the transporter transports the host and controls the first-aid system, and the induction, etc. The length of the tunnel, cableway and track can reach more than 50,000-60,000 km, but it must be erected in sections, and the two-way double-track double ropeway, Exceeding the elevator shaft, the tunnel section is about 2.6-4.5 meters, safe, reliable, radiation-proof, lightning-proof, wind-proof, shaped like a space cable car, shaped like a space tunnel, divided into hundreds of thousands of thousands Tunnel-level stations for regulation and tunnel safety as well as emergency hedging. The space tunnel is equipped with a number of equipment, emergency communications, emergency rescue, emergency evacuation, avoiding the risk of attacks from alien meteorite dust satellites, ensuring safety and reliability is the absolute preferred target. The transport capacity of manned transport can reach several hundred people or even tens of thousands of people; the daily transport capacity of cargo and cargo can reach several hundred tons and several thousand tons or even tens of thousands of tons. Main advantages: (1) Safe and reliable, practical (2). Greatly reduce costs, reduce the cost of rocket transportation by several hundred times and thousands of times, and the transportation volume is very large (3). Transportation investment, maintenance, etc. are convenient and feasible, and the technology is relatively easy to mature. (4). From the Earth to the extraterrestrial space, it is transported by space tunnel, and then transported by the outer space station or the transfer station for secondary transportation. The high-speed heavy-duty rocket rocket spacecraft flies to the moon or Mars, which greatly reduces transportation costs. The tunnel only needs Year-round maintenance, can be repeated dozens of times hundreds of times. (5). Set up a number of tunnel abutments on the earth to increase traffic. Abutment abutments are established in outer space. (6). Such space tunnels can also be installed on moon, Mars and other stars to facilitate the transportation and transmission of spheres such as the Moon. Space tunnels and space cables mainly consist of the following components: 1. Giant orbiter 2. Space tunnel frame, space cable 3. Intermediate structure, intermediate platform 4. Level-based tunnel platform, several kilometers, Mainly used for transit, buffering, docking, conversion, modulation, etc., can also be used for maintenance and hedging. Can be called transit, upgrade, adjustment, curing, etc. 5. Space cable, segmented erection 6. High altitude, hollow, low-altitude layout, erection. 7. Ground system 8. Control, support, maintenance, emergency system. 8. Tunnel running equipment, cable work cabin, instrument cabin, living compartment, etc. 9. High speed cable hoistway. Emergency escape, etc. 10. Other attachments, equipment, etc. of the space tunnel. 11. Space cable is mainly composed of materials and space tunnel structure. It is made of high-strength and high-endurance materials. It can be divided into double cable, multiple cable, four cable, single cable, and so on. The tunnel frame and the tunnel cable run in a certain section, and each section is basically similar but different. Phased regulation within the segment is conducive to structural stability and safe use. If there is no single node, it will run too long, which is easy to cause accidents, and it is not conducive to emergency escape. Therefore, nodes must be separated. Freight speeds can range from tens of meters to hundreds of meters per second, and speeds can reach several kilometers; manned controls can range from a dozen meters or hundreds of meters per second. 12. Emergency avoidance adopts automatic landing system and automatic escape system, automatic parachute and other life-saving equipment to ensure the safety of the crew. In case of danger, the crew can activate the automatic landing system or the high altitude parachute or the super high altitude automatic parachute will fall to the ground. This system is designed for the crew, fully automatic and equipped with manual control system, life support system and other emergency escape devices and equipment. Even in the ultra-high altitude of several hundred kilometers and thousands of kilometers, it also has the function of emergency escape and lifesaving. The super high altitude automatic parachute is equipped with the general function of an automatic aircraft. Escape in the aerospace. 13. Cable operation and emergency escape above the stratosphere are essential. A number of facilities and features have been added to the design of this section. Other accident risk prevention pre-control is especially important. Space operations, regardless of manned cargo, are safe and reliable first, otherwise, terrible space disasters will occur. The design and construction are first of all in terms of safety design, technical redundancy design, and the technical reserve margin must be fully mature. As with rocket launches, safety and reliability are the first elements. Second, it is the cost, the cost, and so on. Of course, it is not possible to be too complicated and complicated, and it is easy to cause mechanical and electrical failures, and the cost is too large, which affects the actual use. Then, the entire tunnel and cable, etc., combined with the assembly and packaging, modular integration, reducing construction costs and maintenance costs. The system is equipped with an alternate channel for emergency backup and so on.

From the overall analysis, the cost of the first installation and operation is large, the engineering technology is complex, ambitious and arduous, and it is between tens of billions and nearly 100 billion US dollars; however, in the long run, the economic cost is much lower than the traditional rocket transportation cost. It saves costs, greatly reduces transportation costs, and can be used repeatedly. The cost is one-tenth or one-twentieth to one-fifth of the rocket transportation. The advantage is obvious. On the moon, using this technology on Mars, the advantages are even more obvious. It can save hundreds of billions of trillion dollars in cost. Space tunnels, space cables, space channels, space elevators are actually the same and not similar, space tunnels are more complex, technology integration is high, and the safety factor is better than others. In fact, it is a comprehensive optimization, so it is called a space tunnel.


The technical difficulties of the space elevator can be imagined. Any omissions and mistakes will bring the most terrible consequences. This is not an alarmist, but a real warning and warning. Although the scientific concept schemes such as the space train, the sky tower, the orbital ring, and the orbital sky hook are extremely groundbreaking, they are still far away or can not be reached. Scientific implementation is more rigorous, especially for aerospace projects, and any hidden dangers and risks must be highly vigilant. Therefore, space tunnels, space ladders, and space hoists need to be repeatedly considered, repeatedly studied, and tested repeatedly. Especially in the upper part of the atmosphere - the lower part of the orbiter, the risk is even greater, and the installation and erection require complex technical reserves. Between 10,000 kilometers and 30,000 kilometers, it can be called a restricted area. Because, in the history of flight history, there is no record of people flying offline at this stage. The Moon and Mars atmospheres have relatively superior conditions than the Earth's atmosphere, which needs to be fully considered.



Wormholes, a shortcut to space travel, allows astronauts to traverse the universe in an instant. (Einstein and other theories)



How the space elevator works: The research team says it can build a 96,000-kilometer elevator shaft over the Earth using carbon nanotube technology that is 20 times stronger than steel.

These include the development of a carbon nanotechnology high-strength cable and a cable that prevents cosmic rays and incident space debris.


The goal of the Japanese research team is to build a space elevator in 2050, which will take passengers to a high-altitude trip of 36,000 kilometers.

Space elevator structure



The pedestal is basically on the equator because the distance from the geosynchronous orbit is the shortest.



In fact, it is more appropriate to call it (cable), because today's designs tend to use a flat, tape-like tape as the main cable.


Elevator cabin

The elevator cabin is the part that climbs on the cable. After all, space elevators are not traditional elevators.


Space station



Space elevators can carry a variety of items including large solar generators, nuclear waste, and can also carry people. More importantly, the space elevator

It takes about 7 days from the time of the elevator to the height of 36,000 kilometers, even if each elevator car is moving at a speed of 200 kilometers an hour. [



The universe is so vast that there are countless in the universe. The power of the sun has been full of suffering, and it directly affects the survival of human beings associated with the Earth, especially the superstars of other superstars. These superstar super celestial bodies are indeed unimaginable, and its influence and effect are simply unbelievable. It is no exaggeration to compare them to the gods of heaven. Moreover, these giant celestial bodies are just a huge universe that human beings can observe star-shaped superstars outside the field of view that humans can now touch. Other giants can be imagined. Today's science and technology and detection capabilities are limited, and only the tip of the iceberg of the universe can be observed. In other words, the limitations and limitations of human wisdom and ability do not allow the entire universe to be seen. What is the real giant of the universe, humans still need long observations and research, but they may not exhaust their mystery.

Humans have evolved from animals, and humans and animals have deep blood attributes. If human beings become gods, they can fly out of the solar system and fly out of the galaxy. Just like the traditional myths of the nations of the world, they are in the universe and are free to gallop. Rocket technology spacecraft space probe



It has already gone so far, but flying out of the solar system and flying out of the galaxy is indeed a hopeless thing that is difficult to achieve. The god of nature is thousands of times more powerful than the god of mankind. To become a supernatural god, human beings can only choose realistically, and they can never be whimsical, detached from reality and illusory.

Science and mythology, science and religion are not equal signs. Practically speaking, human beings can enter the moon, enter Mars, enter Jupiter satellites or other stars in the solar system, and even the greatest success. As for entering the Milky Way, that is another opportunity and possibility, perhaps hundreds of thousands of years later, perhaps the human and the solar system have been destroyed.


"God closed a window for you while opening a window for you", "The value of wisdom."


Better than pearls."


The writings and research of scientists from all over the world, Russia, the United States, Japan, Europe, China, India, etc. are proof.


Mainly involved in the information and bibliography;



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Author: Michel van Pelt



———————————————————————————————————————————————— ——--


: Caris. Bor

:Fer. S September 2012


Enc: Editor's note: Smith (Fangruida) (modern physicist, astronomer, cosmologist, astronaut, geologist, biologist, philosopher, thinker, inventor. Cosmic superrotation field, Jupiter Center distance, space-time inverted shear model, multi-dimensional distortion structure and stable complex structure of the universe, XY, XZ deep structure law of the universe, theory, twin-engine high-speed heavy-duty (non-traditional chemical fuel) rocket technology, modern composite core The father of the power rocket.), the father of the study of the universe tunnel (space tunnel). The universe is an ultra-rotational, multi-dimensional distortion of the ground state, and the steady state is also a complex structural mode. Smith set, smith rocket, smith-space tunnel, and so on.

The cosmological structural theory and the major technical difficulties and key points in the design and manufacture of space tunnel-space ladder structure are one of the most important topics and research results of Smith's lifelong research. The former belongs to scientific discoveries, while the latter belongs to technological inventions, and the two are different. Respect the originality of the technology, published the manuscript of the original author, basically kept the original appearance, without modification, the original manuscript translation. In order to meet the requirements of global readers and the majority of Internet users and science and technology workers, multilingual translation comparison, global online version, electronic version, mobile version. 2017v2. 4 version, 2018v1.3 special edition. Hereby explain. The technical part of the manuscript was reviewed by Professor Smith to ensure the accuracy of the technical literature. Thank you very much. At the same time, I would like to thank many readers and netizens for their comments on the previous version. The title is added by the compiler, and the subtitle is the title of the original manuscript, which is hereby noted. If there are any errors, please correct me so that you can correct them immediately when you reprint.


Caris. Bor Fer. S 2012 Paris



************************************************** *******************************************


Schematic diagram of space tunnel structure (schematic schematic diagram)


(1) Earth's outer space orbit large-scale operation

(2) Tunnel outreach interface conversion

(3) Main structure truss of tunnel, attached channel, cable

The tunnel is two-way, three-way, four-way, freight or passenger

(4) Tunnel-level base platform, relay, segmentation and construction

(5) Tunnel operation cabin

(6) Tunnel emergency hedging device, landing flight device, self-help umbrella, etc.

(7) Communication, power, protection system, life-sustaining system, fully automatic control system, etc. Self-supplied electric engine Solar generator set Space cable (nuclear battery)

(8) Maintenance system

(9) Earth base station

(10) Auxiliary cable for working up and down operation of the 16,000-kilometer section of the super-high altitude and auxiliary cable below 10,000 km

(11) Other auxiliary equipment, auxiliary systems, devices, etc.

(12) Spare equipment, etc.

(13) Materials for tunnel cable trusses

(14) Other:


Schematic diagram of space tunnel structure (schematic schematic diagram)


(1) Earth's outer space orbit large-scale operation

(2) Tunnel outreach interface conversion

(3) Main structure truss of tunnel, attached channel, cable

The tunnel is two-way, three-way, four-way, freight or passenger

(4) Tunnel-level base platform, relay, segmentation and construction

(5) Tunnel operation cabin

(6) Tunnel emergency hedging device, landing flight device, self-help umbrella, etc.

(7) Communication, power, protection system, life-sustaining system, fully automatic control system, etc. Self-supplied electric engine Solar generator set Space cable (nuclear battery)

(8) Maintenance system

(9) Earth base station

(10) Auxiliary cable for working up and down operation of the 16,000-kilometer section of the super-high altitude and auxiliary cable below 10,000 km

(11) Other auxiliary equipment, auxiliary systems, devices, etc.

(12) Spare equipment, etc.

(13) Materials for tunnel cable trusses Special materials such as carbon nanotubes

(14) Other:



Multidimensional distortion of the universe and particle motion, positive or inversion, complex generalization


The deep structure of the universe is XY, XZ, and the universe and particles transform and polarize, including stars, dust, sun, galaxy, super-giant UY, etc. The initial state of the universe, the ground state and the final state Positive basically in inverting, complex generalization, even including the galaxy, superstar, big bang, "black hole", "dark matter" and other strange geomorphological forms in the universe, and the ground state And deep structure of the universe beyond the human vision : multidimensional distortion, positive or inversion, complex generalization (particles, stars, interstellar matter, superstructures, hidden matter, etc.)


Complex generalization, order-disorder, multi-dimensional distortion structure and stable complex structure of the universe, XY, XZ deep structure of the universe, in the existence and operation system of the universe, the earth and human beings are only generalized polarization distortion A Class.



Cosmic tunnels and space tunnels are one of the important options for humans to fly out of the earth. Despite the complexity of the technology and the huge investment, from the long-term analysis, there is still a great practical use value. It is as Important as the rocket launch and should have an extremely imp


Of course, at this stage, it may not be fully realized, the experiment is returned to the experiment, and the research is researched. As time goes by, the hope of success is getting bigger And bigger. For example, the development of carbon nanotubes, nano-super-strength metal-based composite materials, ultra-long-distance space tunnel trusses, ultra-high-altitude life-saving technology escape technology, etc., are the re -emergence of research and breakthrough, and the construction of tens of thousands of kilometers The space tunnel will become a fantasy and scientific fantasy.

宇宙巨星,蒼穹神尊 - 宇宙多維畸變結構和穩恆複變結構,宇宙的XY,XZ深層結構,“Smith Fangruida Space Tunnel”太空隧道(Fangruida law,Fangruida太空隧道設計和製造技術手稿)編譯:卡里斯。博爾Fer.S 2012年9月



副標題:太空隧道 - 太空天梯的結構設計和製造的重大技術難點和要點(

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------原作:Fangruida Smith)

譯文:卡里斯。博爾費.S 2012年9月

編者提要:“Smith Fangruida Space Tunnel”,英文縮寫“S-F-S-T”

宇宙學結構理論和太空隧道 - 太空天梯結構設計和製造的重大技術難點和要點,是方瑞達畢生研究的極其重大課題和研究成果之一前者屬於科學發現,後者則屬於技術發明,二者是不同的。尊重技術原創,發表了原作者的手稿,基本保持原貌,未作改動,原手稿翻譯。為滿足全球讀者和廣大網民以及科技工作者的要求,多語翻譯對照,全球網絡版,電子版,手機版.2017v2.4版,2018v1.3特別版。特此說明。原稿技術部分曾經方瑞達(Smith)教授審閱多次,以確保技術文獻的準確無誤。在此,深致謝意。同時,對不少讀者和網民對以前版本提出的意見表示感謝。標題是編譯者加的,副標題為原創手稿的題目,特此註明。若有什麼遺漏錯誤,歡迎大家指正,以便再版時即時修正。


卡里斯。博爾費爾斯S 2012年巴黎



█宇宙之神尊 - 超級星球盾牌座UY:半徑就比太陽大了2000倍,體積則達到了太陽的50億倍



人們常常歌頌歷史和眾多英雄人物,莫過於神仙上帝。在公元21世紀的今日,人類社會長生了巨大發展和飛躍,科學技術,社會生產力發達迅猛,遠遠超過古代中世紀,遠遠超過古人類社會,這是不容置辯的事實。就以自然界來說,從粒​​子到宇宙,從微觀到宏觀,極大反差。世界最巨大的不僅是地球,月球,火星,木星和太陽,更有甚者出現,震撼著世界和人類。宇宙如此巨大無比,古人不可能像現代人類那樣認識,觀察和理解宇宙,太陽,星辰萬物,因此,世界各國各民族就產生了各種各樣優美的神話,娓娓動聽,世代流傳。其後,便是宗教的產生,社會發展到一定階段,圖騰,崇拜,默拜,祭祀神靈,祈福上帝,等等。宗教與神話密切關聯,甚至密不可分。宗教是人類進化歷史過程中的必然產物和自然程序。也是人類社會歷史發展的又一展鼎盛階段。基督教,佛教,伊斯蘭教就是時代的代表,是人類歷史發展標誌性的重大事件。宇宙天體萬物,神​​話,宗教,往往混在一起,難以分離。中世紀以後,隨著人類社會生產力的發展和突破,科學技術首當其衝,蒸汽機工業革命開始,人類社會發展迅猛,科學技術日益強大,才逐步使得人類開始真正觀測宇宙,探測宇宙,研究宇宙成為可能。天文學宇宙學太陽系學伴隨物理化學的發展,取得了輝煌的成就,值得大書特書宇宙超巨星,世界超巨人,超級神尊 - 盾牌座UY:半徑就比太陽大了2000倍,體積則達到了太陽的50億倍。比太陽更巨大的星球,超巨星,超巨人,超級神尊,堪輿宙斯比美.UY如此強大,地球月球火星木星和太陽,根本不堪一擊,人類就更難以應對了。











































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