A Maze Berlin 2016 - Opening Day
A ton of photos from the lovely event that is now half a decade old. As always: lots of splendid people having a good time. Due to the increased scope of the event, special requests and His Julesness also having to take some time for *gasp* social interaction, I didn't make it to stop by at every talk, workshop and DJ set though

I usually try to capture the joyful and open atmosphere of the event by being a rather sneaky photographer; obviously enough, there still are exceptions. Apologies for the noisy quality of some of the photos: I really hate using flashlight and the lighting conditions at some conditions or the time of the day weren't fully suited for available-light photography, thus forcing me into unhealthy regions of ISO and aperture.

If there's an image of you or your work that you are particularly fond of and would like to include on your blog/website, just get in touch with me!
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