the cabinet project Apr 6- May 15 University of Toronto St George Campus
The Cabinet Project is a distributed exhibition bringing to life historical, anecdotal and imagined stories evoked by scientific objects, their surrounding spaces and the individuals inhabiting them. The goal is to make the intense creativity existing inside science laboratories visible, and to suggest potential interactions between the sciences and the arts. to achieve this goal, 12 artists have turned 10 cabinets across the University of Toronto into art installations.
With this project, we wish to emphasize the rich ecologies formed by science, its scientific spaces, its labs, and its instruments. Through processes of collaborations with the sciences and their protagonists, we believe that the arts have a crucial role in revealing, communicating, and even realizing these ecologies. As well, we wish to show the connection of scientific objects and institutional spaces with the social and urban fabric of the city.
Catherine Beaudette; Dave Kemp & Jonathon Anderson; Joel Ong & Mick Lorusso; Microcollection; Nicole Clouston; Nicole Liao; Rick Hyslop; Stefan Herda; Stefanie Kuzmiski
During the past months, artists have engaged intensively with a variety of science collections and scientific practices at the University of Toronto.
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