Selected Regions of the Milky Way
Edward Emerson Barnard (1857-1923) was an American astronomer famous for his "A Photographic Atlas of Selected Regions of the Milky Way", published posthumously in 1927.

As an astro-photographic pioneer and discoverer of many of the dark structures that inhabit the Milky Way, he secured his legacy.

This would be important enough, but Barnard was a keen visual observer as well a photographic pioneer. He discovered many comets as well as the fifth moon of Jupiter, Amalthea.

Barnard discovered the large proper motion of the star thar bears his name, Barnards Star in Ophiuchus.

Barnard was the recipient of the distinguished Bruce medal in 1917.

These images, captured in the Summer of 2011 revel much of the same detail originally captured by Barnard.
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