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LEGO STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN Season 2 - Ice spider attack on Maldo Kreis | by KevFett2011
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LEGO STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN Season 2 - Ice spider attack on Maldo Kreis

After waiting almost a week for my second Bricklink order I can proudly present to you my newest part of my LEGO STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN Season 2 building series and it is scary this time.

With his speeder bike destroyed, Djarin heads to Mos Eisley on foot, arriving at nightfall and heading to Chalmun's Cantina. At the Cantina, he finds Peli Motto playing a game of sabacc with Dr. Mandible. [...] Mandible agrees to send his contact to the hangar, who can reveal the location of other Mandalorians.

At Motto's hangar, her Treadwell droid is roasting the krayt dragon meat using the heat of an engine blast. Motto enters the bay after speaking to Mandible's contact, telling the droid not to overcook the meat, which she prefers medium rare. She tells Djarin that there is a Mandalorian covert in the next system. She tells him the information is free—apart from her finder's fee—but that the contact wants passage to the system.

Djarin agrees to take the job, and they board the Razor Crest. Djarin is woken by an alert sound, and returns to the cabin. Two New Republic X-wings flank the Razor Crest, and Captain Carson Teva asks why the ship's transponder is not emitting. Djarin responds that his ship is pre-Empire surplus and isn't required to run a beacon, but Carson replies that the sector is now under New Republic jurisdiction, and beacons are required for all ships. Djarin promises to get right on it, and the pilot wishes him a safe journey. Just before they leave, they ask him to send them a ping. Djarin bluffs that the system isn't working, but the pilot is insistent, saying they can wait, but if they can't confirm he's not Imperial, they will have to escort him to the Adelphi outpost. Djarin sends the ping, and the pilots switch channels to speak to each other privately. Both starfighters set their S-foils to attack position, and ask if his ship has been in the vicinity of New Republic Correctional Transport Bothan-Five. Djarin says nothing, but suddenly banks his ship toward the nearby planet of Maldo Kreis.

The Razor Crest sustains heavy damage pulling rapid manoeuvers in the planet's clouds and canyons to evade the X-wings. The ship eventually crash lands, sliding to a halt under a rock shelf, hiding it from the New Republic pilots, who split up to continue searching. As Djarin prepares to take off again, the ice beneath the ship gives way, dropping them into a subterranean cave.

The Child calls Djarin away from his repairs, and he realizes that Frog Lady has left the ship and walked away. They follow her footprints, eventually finding her sitting with her eggs in the pool of some hot springs in a cave. They begin to gather her eggs up to leave, while the Child notices clusters of a different kind of eggs scattered around the cave. He wanders over, cracking one of the eggs open and eating the baby spider inside. There is a rumbling sound, as all over the cave, the other eggs begin to stir and hatch. Infant ice spiders emerge, and begin to swarm around as Djarin scoops up the Child and the canister, and Frog Lady retrieves her clothes. A huge spider emerges, and they flee back to the ship, pursued by the swarm...


My MOC shows exactly this scene from Chapter 10, the arrival of the big ice spider with the support of a big swarm. Building the big spider was the most difficult part but I really enjoyed it, because it is something new I never did before. The landscape under the big spider is the area with the eggs, on the right side you can see the Mandalorian flees with the child. I dispense to show the frog lady because there aren't useful LEGO parts for the head of the frog lady.


Hopefully you enjoy my newest creation, be sure to leave a like and a comment below.


Here is a MOC SHOWCASE video on my YouTube channel, please have a look, I think it turns out great.


Greetings Kevin

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Taken on November 16, 2020