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Star Wars THE MANDALORIAN - Outpost on Arvala-7 | by KevFett2011
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Star Wars THE MANDALORIAN - Outpost on Arvala-7

Finally I'm back 😎 I had a stressful time because I had to learn for exams but now I have time for building again. I'm really in love with the disney+ series The Mandalorian and present to you a scene from episode 1. No fear, there are no big spoilers so you can read the text and look at the MOC. I decided to build the mercenary outpost on Arvala-7 with the shooting scene with IG-11. The droid design is from @luca_s_projects, thank you that I can use it for my creation.👍 for my creation I use a similiar ground as my second Red Dead Redemption 2 MOC. So enough introduction, here is the story to my work:


The client wished the Mandalorian to acquirethe "asset" in exchange for a camtono of Beskar, giving the bounty hunter an ingot of Beskar as a down payment. While the Client did not care for the asset's fate, Pershing wished for it to be returned alive. The only information that the Client could share with the Mandalorian was the age of the asset (fifty years old), and last known location, along with a tracking fob.

The Mandalorian traveled to Arvala-7 to find the asset. There, he was attacked by a pair of Blurrgs. The Ugnaught moisture farmer Kuiilrescued him from them and took him back to his moisture farm. There they discussed the Mandalorian's job. Kuiil offered to guide him to the mercenary compound where the asset was being kept in return for one of the two Blurrgs the bounty hunter had fought.[...]

After Kuiil departed, the Mandalorian spied on the mercenary compound from afar. He spotted the assassin droid IG-11, who was also from the Guild, approaching the compound. After trying to negotiate with the company of Nikto mercenaries, stating a paragraph from the Bondsman Guild Protocol, he began to dispatch them one by one. The Mandalorian, arrived and tried to partner with IG-11. Although the droid shot him at first, thinking he was an enemy, he agreed to split the pay for the asset. However, they were both attacked by more Nikto mercenaries, who soon pinned them down. The Mandalorian repeatedly tried to stop IG-11 from initiating his self-destruct mechanismand used him as a distraction to hijack a blaster cannon, utilizing this to kill the rest of the mercenaries...


I hope you like my comeback and of course I would be pleased to get feedback.


Greetings KevFett2011


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Taken on December 10, 2019