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Stranger Things Season 3 - The Sauna Test | by KevFett2011
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Stranger Things Season 3 - The Sauna Test

Hey guys,

Saturday is Stranger Things upload day, so let's go:


Back at Wheeler house, Will explains how he has been sensing the Mind Flayer. El objects that she closed the Gate to the Upside Down, but Will indicates that the piece of the Mind Flayer that was within him may not have returned to the Upside Down. They determine that he must have sought out a new host. At the Hawkins Community Pool, the Party is spying on Billy, who is oddly wearing a shirt in the open sun because the Mind Flayer likes it cold and dark. Max is confused why he seems so normal, so Will explains that the Mind Flayer is trying to "hide", that Billy is "dormant" until the Mind Flayer needs him. Mike then forms a plan to get Billy into the Sauna in order to force the Mind Flayer to react to the heat.

Once more at the pool, Mike lures Billy into the Sauna, and El locks him inside. Billy calls out to Max, but she orders the Party to turn up the heat anyway. At the pool, Billy begins to break down sobbing, saying to Max that "he made me do it", describing "he" as a "giant shadow", the Mind Flayer. Continually sobbing, Billy says he tried to stop it, that it isn’t his fault, but Will senses the Mind Flayer at work, realizing that Billy is "activated". Mike orders Max to get away from the door, just in time for Billy to smash through the sauna window where her head was. Billy tries to unlatch the door, but Lucas hits him in the face with a slingshot, sending him back into the sauna where he begins convulsing as the lights flicker.

In both Mrs. Driscoll’s hospital room and the pool, lights continue flickering as both Mrs. Driscoll and Billy become enveloped in black veins. They both scream, and Billy begins attacking the door, slowly breaking it down. Billy eventually smashes through, and although El uses telekinesis to restrain him, he breaks free and begins to choke her until Mike hits him in the back of the head with weight equipment, saving her. Billy then goes to attack Mike until El levitates Billy up with telekinesis, and throws him completely through the concrete wall of the pool house. Mike comforts the wounded El, and Billy staggers away.


I hope you like this vignette, so I would be pleased to get feedback.


Greetings Kevin


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Taken on August 6, 2019