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Stranger Things Season 2 - Hopper's Rescue | by KevFett2011
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Stranger Things Season 2 - Hopper's Rescue

Today I want to present to you my second Stranger Things Season 2 Vignette, so here we go:


Will draws a large number of seemingly incomprehensible scribbles, and Joyce figures out that they are all part of one large image. The completed puzzle appears to be a series of tunnels or tendrils, but Hopper works out that they are vines spreading under Hawkins. To test his theory, Hopper goes out to one of the dead pumpkin patches.

In the pumpkin field, Hopper digs up the ground and finds a massive network of tunnels that are corrupted by the Upside Down.

In the infected tunnels from the Upside Down, Hopper encounters a growth that sprays him with spores, causing him to lose consciousness. Overhead, the hole that Hopper dug is covered over by vines.

In the tunnels, Hopper realizes that the tendrils are afraid of fire. Scaring away the tendrils with a fire-lit branch, he tries to dig up to the surface but fails and becomes tangled by the vines.

Joyce and Bob head into the tunnels to rescue Hopper. Will and Mike sees that the scientists and soldiers from Hawkins Lab also arrive to their location. While searching for Hopper, Joyce finds his cigar and follows the path, ultimately finding Hopper tangled in vines.

As they cut the tendrils and pull him free, the soldiers from the lab arrive to help including one armed with a flamethrower. He covers the retreat, burning the tendrils. On the surface, Will screams and collapses as the tendrils burn. Mike is terrified and the scientists approach Will who is convulsing on the ground in severe pain.


I hope you like the chosen scene and the build and of course I would be pleased to get feedback.


Greetings Kevin


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Taken on June 30, 2019