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Stranger Things  Season 1 - The Upside Down | by KevFett2011
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Stranger Things Season 1 - The Upside Down

My last Stranger Things season 1 vignette, here we go:


After getting caught sneaking into the Hawkins Laboratory, Hopper and Joyce are being interrogated by Dr. Brenner and his men. Brenner reveals to Joyce that the scientists at the Laboratory do not understand the the Monster's behavior, and he needs her help to stop it. Joyce refuses and tells him to go to hell.

In another room, Hopper reveals everything he knows about Eleven and the Laboratory's experiments. The agents threaten to inject him with drugs, however Hopper makes a deal with Brenner so that he and Joyce can find Will.

Meanwhile, Joyce and Hopper set off to find Will in the Upside Down, putting on special suits to protect their bodies from the toxic atmosphere. Inside the gate, Hopper recalls a memory of his late daughter, Sara, having trouble controlling her breathing after Joyce experiences some shortness of breath. Joyce and Hopper reach the Upside Down's version of Castle Byers, where Will was hiding when Eleven contacted him. The shack has been destroyed and Will is nowhere to be seen. Hopper notices a small stuffed lion laying on the ground. The toy triggers another flashback where Sara is holding a similar stuffed tiger as Hopper reads to her in a hospital bed, as she slowly dies from cancer.

Meanwhile, Joyce and Hopper have tracked the wounded monster to the public library in the Upside Down. There are bodies of humans who have been taken along the shelves with vines and tendrils surrounding them. Joyce and Hopper find Will with a tendril extending down his esophagus.

In the Upside Down, Hopper and Joyce preform CPR on Will. Hopper recalls a memory where he watched Sara die in the hospital as the doctors try to use CPR to revive her. Hopper is pounding on Will's chest when Will suddenly gasps for air. Joyce and Hopper breathe a sigh of relief.

Will is recovering in the hospital where Joyce, Jonathan, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin all see him and fill him in on all the surprising events that had happened while he was gone. As Hopper leaves the hospital, he is stopped by a car which signals him to get in.


I hope you like my last Season 1 Vignette, of course I would be pleased to get feedback.


Greetings Kevin



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Taken on June 26, 2019