1000 Versunkene Boote
1000 Sunken Boats

Art installation having as subject the theme Immigration /Boat People
Project: Marlene Rodrigues
Atelier im Waschhaus – Schleifmühlgasse 18, 1040 Vienna, Austria
The floor of the atelier is covered with a black cloth. Over the cloth are spread 1000 paper boats. Directly over the boats, on the wall, runs a video projection.
The project is inspired by the Japanese origami tradition (1000 cranes for someone’s well being or healing).
The following people worked together with the artist to produce the 1000 boats. They also supported the project donating the necessary materials.
Bernadette Haller, Elisabeth Holzleithner, Ines Rieder, Ingrid Draxl, Kati Danielczyk, Karin Herber and the students of the public Gymnasium Marchettigasse (Classes 3B, 6A and 6B), 1060 Vienna – Austria, Kusum Kohombange, Michi Stock (Galerie Michaela Stock), Pez Hejduk, Raphaela Grabmayr, Therese Eisenmann und Verena Baustädter.
Vienna, June 2015
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