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For the journal - the simple things of life | by liber avem
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For the journal - the simple things of life

Do you ever wish that life was more straightforward or is it only me?


I dread the day we live in a cashless society and already cheques seem to be a thing of the past. Everything is being taken over by machines, they are beginning to take over the world and changing all the time - as soon as you buy one it's been superceded! Even when phoning an organisation more and more often a machine answers and you are required to follow its instructions and press buttons when all you want to do is to talk to another human being!


I've been looking to replace my car lately, trying to find one as basic as the one I still have that now needs to go because, like me, it needs updating.


As far as technology is concerned I'm way behind the times because I like things to be simple - like me!


It's the same with so many things in my home, I like to keep it simple and that goes for mobile phones, the TV, washing machines, and anything else that you use every day. These days every machine you buy gets more complicated, there are more buttons for all the new facilities and they all get smaller!


When I drive my car I like to know where everything is instantly so I don't have to take my eyes off the road therefore I don't want a dashboard full of clutter with a dozen buttons all the same. I just want the ones I need and yet the salesmen try and impress me with all the latest gizmos there are on the more upmarket models. But I don't care about Bluetooth! I don't want to talk hands free to anyone while I'm driving, I just want to get from A to B as conveniently as possible.


And when it comes to the washing machine I don't need half the programmes available and never use them. I just want three washes, one really hot, one cool and a programme for most things, I want a long, short and medium spin and that's all- nothing complicated.


My camera will do all sorts of things that I'm not aware of even now because I haven't explored it properly. I'm such a slow learner and easily satisfied that I only want to know what I want to know when I want to know it - if you can follow that! I'm only interested in how to do something in the moment I see a reason for it. It's a huge failing I know but I'm not intrinsically interested in technology for it's own sake only in how it can be used. I give my camera all the credit for the pictures it takes and recognise it could do far more with a clued in owner.


When it comes to a mobile phone, again, I just want something straightforward, one button for each purpose, not multipurpose buttons that confuse and frustrate me! I've been trying to change my tariff which I thought would be easy enough but no! I had a "pay as you go" tariff which at first was a good deal, then suddenly it started to gobble up money until one day when I needed to use it, It had run out! But to change over to a monthly system is complicated and probably easier to buy a new phone - except that they all have facilities I don't want!


Shopping and banking online is a nightmare for me - I can see all the advantages but I just can't do it and often have to be bailed out by someone who knows what they're doing.


As for passwords to get into different accounts it makes my head spin and my blood boil! I've now taken to using swear words for one or two that have incensed me in the past because they rejected all the variations on my chosen words because I couldn't remember the right one and the computer wouldn't let me in to my own account!

I started off with one word that I could remember,

"Fine" I thought, "I can do this!"

Then another account wanted a capital letter,

"Ok, just add that to the beginning." I said to myself.

Another wanted a number,

"All right". I thought "It's not so difficult.

But another wanted two and so it continued with some allowing only a limited number of letters to use, and then came bizarre questions to answer until I could hardly remember my own name never mind my mothers maiden name!


That's when the swear words came in useful as passwords, it works a treat! And now when they fail because I've run out of them I have another idea to beat the system and no one will ever guess! :)).


I just want a simple life!

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Taken on July 17, 2017