Citazioni D'Autore 2018-2021
a project by ©Anna Piratti
for the Padova Jazz Festival in collaboration with Associazione Culturale Miles is now exposed at YOGAROOTS STUDIO - Brussels -

Miles Davis said: “I’ll play it first and tell you what it is later.”
These words describe the freedom of every artistic creation which is unexplainable, undefinable, it is just made. Citazioni d’Autore (Quotations) is a series of 20 digital art images by Anna Piratti: a mix of photos, paintings and drawings.
This project has been created for The Padova Jazz Festival 2018 with the intention to translate the words of some jazz greats into visual art. "

"I am so grateful to the inspiring Susie Jones for opening the doors of YogaRoots Studio to my art. I am exposing 6 pieces of The Citazioni d’Autore Project, printed and signed in limited edition. Grazie!"

"I am convinced that beauty boosts our immune system."
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