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Thunaraz Class Destroyer | by teamnelsonseven
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Thunaraz Class Destroyer

The Thunaraz Class is a mainstay of Mirthanese naval might. The ship is small, but packs the punch needed to equal it to most capitol ships. In an engagement, the Thunaraz will utilize its stealth, and dark coloring to evade both radar and lidar. Ships often hide in small wolfpacks, engaging targets from around planets with torpedoes or mass accelerator fire. Lasers would emit light, and give away the ships position. The Thunaraz torpedoes and mass accelerator rounds are often nuclear tipped, giving the weapons the hitting power of capital ship laser cannons, at the cost of being vulnerable to point-defense systems. To make up for this, ships often fire most of their torpedoes all at once, and then slink back into the darkness of space. For defense the Thunaraz has 8 point-defense lasers, along with shielding and kinetic barriers.


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Uploaded on April 11, 2018