Camino de San Salvador
The Camino San Salvador is another Camino route which spans from León north through the mountains to Oviedo in Spain. It is approximately 120 kilometers and took me 5 days to walk.

The terrain was varied, some of it strenuous and some not. I walked through forests and meadows, over mountains, along trails, dirt roads, quiet paved country roads and busier roads, through tunnels, under bridges, through small quaint villages and finally into the bigger city of Oviedo, also known as "Little Santiago".

Although I was struggling with a cold, after being cooped up in an incubator-like albergue with a whole lot of coughing pilgrims between Moratinos and León, I had a wonderful time. The mountains reminded me of home, something I was missing quite a bit at this time.

The route is very remote and very quiet. Even still, I connected with six others from Spain and we became a small Camino family.
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