Lienz, Austria
Before I left Salzburg, I looked on Airbnb for a place to stay in Lienz. I just needed a place to sleep really, so didn't care too much about what the place looked like.

I stayed in a very small one. I had the top bunk of a bed in a tiny room. It all worked out great. The man who ran this Airbnb was lovely. He also lent me his bicycle, so I was able to tour around Lienz fairly quickly.

Before leaving Salzburg, Ana had told me to make sure that I pick up a map of the area before I venture up into the mountains. I found one in a book store which showed me all the hüttes and routes. She made sure I knew to start early in the morning so I'd arrive early. Thunderstorms frequent the mountains in the later afternoon. Luckily, I wouldn't hit one until the last evening.

Early the next morning I walked to the gondal to start my 4 day hut to hut trek in the Tirol Alps!
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