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Ko-no-hana-no-sakuya-hime | by lucahennig
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Title: "Ko-no-hana-no-sakuya-hime" (2014)


Materials: pencil 6B, pencil HB, water, cherry juice, orange juice

Size: 36 x 48 cm


Music: The Cinematic Orchestra - "Manhatta"

(I highly recommend you to listen the music while watching my art, not only for this artwork but for the others as well ^^)


The title says: Ko-no-hana-no-sakuya-hime, which means something like "as the tree blossoms beautiful blooming princess"

Excerpt from wikipedia, if there are any mistakes in it: I´m sorry :)


"Konohanasakuya-hime is the daughter of the mountain god Ohoyamatsumi.[1] She is often considered an avatar of Japanese life, especially since her symbol is the sakura (cherry blossom). Kono-hana is also the goddess of Mount Fuji and all volcanoes.


Kono-hana is the wife of the god Ninigi. She met him on the seashore and they fell in love; Ninigi asked Oho-Yama, the father of Kono-hana for her hand in marriage. Oho-Yama proposed his older daughter, Iwa-Naga, instead, but Ninigi had his heart set on Kono-hana. Oho-Yama reluctantly agreed and Ninigi and Ko-no-hana married. Because Ninigi refused Iwa-Naga, the rock-princess, human lives are said to be short and fleeting, like the sakura blossoms, instead of enduring and long lasting, like stones.


Kono-hana became pregnant in just one night, causing suspicion in Ninigi. He wondered if this was the child of another kami. Kono-hana was enraged at Ninigi's accusation and entered a doorless hut, which she then set fire to, declaring that the child would not be hurt if it were truly the offspring of Ninigi. Inside the hut, Ko-no-hana had three sons, Hoderi, Hosuseri and Hoori.[2][3]


Shrines have been built on Mount Fuji for Konohanasakuya-hime. It is believed that she will keep Mount Fuji from erupting,[4] but shrines to her at Kirishima have been repeatedly destroyed by volcanic eruptions."

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Taken on April 23, 2014