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the INNER EYES - spiritual vision,he third eye (also called the mind's eye, or inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept of a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. | by suRANTo dwi saputra
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the INNER EYES - spiritual vision,he third eye (also called the mind's eye, or inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept of a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.

Man has five physical senses that have their own functions: vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. But there is one additional sense, the sixth sense that is often called inexplicable with common sense.


Some people have abilities such as reading other people's thoughts, knowing events or things others don't know, feeling something is not right, or seeing the future. This ability is often referred to as the sixth sense.


The sixth sense can be interpreted as a tool to feel something instinctively (intuitively). In psychology, the sixth sense or intuition is also known as extrasensory perception (ESP) or additional senses, i.e. the ability to receive information that is not obtained through (five) physical senses but is felt with the mind. The sixth sense so far has almost always been associated with mystical things. But as it turns out, the sixth sense is able to be explained by logic and scientific evidence.


Until now, many researchers were interested in uncovering the phenomenon of the sixth sense. There is even research showing that the sixth sense is related to our brains. There is a part of the brain called the anterior cingulated cortex (ACC) that is thought to be able to monitor or sense small changes in the surrounding environment, even if we are unaware of it. These changes are then used as a basis for adjusting our behavior.


The ACC located at the front of the brain is thought to be able to sense danger. As a result, the ACC is able to provide early warning that helps us escape unpleasant situations. In addition, ACC activity also increases if we turn out to have made a mistake or will make a decision. The ACC seems to be giving an early warning so that we are more cautious and not mis-step.


One researcher said that humans can realize and use visual information without having to see it. Humans have the sensitivity of the mind and the ability to detect different things so that it can lead to a sense of change in an event. If we are able to sense an event is going to happen, it's because the human mind is quite sensitive. However, this opinion still requires more research.


Many scientists seek to reveal the mystery behind the sixth sense in order to be explained with common sense and logic. There are researchers who eventually believe that the sixth sense does exist, but many also doubt its existence. Medically, the phenomenon of the sixth sense is indeed inconclusive. The sixth sense-related explanation of the above medical glasses is based solely on small-scale research that still requires further clinical trials.

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The inner eye is a person's ability to see everything that is invisible in general. Some people have been given this advantage since birth. As for those who do not have the ability to use the inner eye, there needs to be a special practice to activate it.

Opening your inner eye will certainly give you a high curiosity. Especially those of you who are very interested in the unseen. But indeed the inner eye is not only applied to observe the unseen. The function of the inner eye itself is actually more than that.

When one's inner eye is perfectly opened, then his concentration in worship is very high. This will make the relationship and God feel closer. As if able to keep communication to his Lord very well.

Being able to feel positive and negative energy in the surrounding environment, is one of the characteristics of having perfected one's inner eye. This positive and negative energy is able to lead people to do right or wrong. In addition, it is able to sense the presence of delicate creatures around. Anyone who has the ability of the inner eye perfectly, can see the aura produced from others. The aura is a radiance of color that describes the characteristics of one's self. Of course it is very useful, to know the nature and character of a person.

Well, there are very few reviews of the characteristics of the inner eye that have been perfectly opened.


5 Things To Experience When Your Inner Eye Opens Perfectly.

Being able to look and feel what others can't see and experience can sound like something interesting. But, in fact, that is not the case. A man who opens his inner eye does not necessarily think so, in fact the opposite.It is like a matter of great danger. Especially if the purpose is not clear or just messing around and not based on strong faith.

- When a person's inner eye is opened, he will feel a very noticeable difference. His view is able to see things he has never seen before. Therefore, it is necessary to be mentally strong when it comes to deciding to open the inner eye. Otherwise, the stress it will cause can even cause mental disorders.

- Someone who has just opened his inner eye, will be shocked to see the unseen things that have been unseen. Fear will haunt the person for some time. However, if he is able to process his mental health then the fear will fade over time.

- According to supernatural experts, supernatural beings are able to know someone who has the ability of the inner eye. Not only that, the supernatural is also interested in approaching the person. In fact, not only one or two creatures approach the person, there can even be a lot of them.

- One's faith has a profound effect on the person whose inner eye is opened. If the person's faith is strong, it is less likely that the person is impaired from a delicate being. But if his faith is not strong it is not only disturbed, even the supernatural being is not reluctant to possess the person's body.

- if a person opens his inner eye then the person cannot close it again. But there are also cases where a person cannot open his inner eyes. Actually, his open inner eyes can be closed again. But there needs to be gradual steps to do so. So the inner eye cannot be closed instantly.

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