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Corellian Engineering Corporation SW-7N "The Swan" | by timhenderson73
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Corellian Engineering Corporation SW-7N "The Swan"

The Swan is a Corellian Engineering Corporation is an SW-series model 7N ultra-light freighter / courier starship.In design it is very similar to many later CEC ships with some notable exceptions - namely the port-side mounted cockpit and starboard mounted swing-wing. the SW-series (Single-cockpit, Weaponized) freighters were heavily armed directly from the factory, but it was up to the new owner to source a power supply for the guns, making them quasi-legal for civilian purpose. As such, its true target market, although never stated as such, was black - pirates, smugglers, and bounty hunters bought these ships more quickly than they could be produced, and the backorder waiting list lasted long after production ceased. These ships were small, light, and fast, boasting two Sirius Cyberdine XDL5078 dual purpose sub-light and hyperdrive engines, giving these little boxes nearly neck-snapping acceleration into hyperspace bested only by the later YT-1300 series, and highly modified examples only at that. SW-7N's short list of features included forward-opening cargo doors (with integral ray shielding allowing the doors to be opened in space while still keeping crew and cargo inside). A swing-arm style starboard stabilizer wing which could be raised to a vertical position for landing and docking in small spaces also provided mounting for the heavier weaponry including an Incom-sourced G-9 laser cannon and a Sirius Cyberdine D12 proton blaster. A unique sheild generation system was flat-mounted to the outer paneling on top to allow it maximum generating efficiency, although some owners and pilots claimed this also made the shield generator more of a targe that way. Inside the ship was a small central cargo hold with cargo lockdown docks, a small galley kitchen and bunk space for the pilot and occasional co-pilot or "guest" At one time these ships were quite common in the galaxy but have since become quite rare as original examples that finally wear out are almost immediately putchased on the secondary market as parts ships used to repair and maintain the remaining space-worthy units. The example seen here is the infamous "Swan" owned by the bounty hunter and smuggler Sinda Rhal and was quite highly modified with a larger power core and extra weaponry, as well as secret smuggling holds in the lower hull.


This is largest starship I've built to date, probably over 2000 pieces, but it is still quite small and compact compared to many other builders' work. Play features include the raise-able wing, a spring shooter mounted between the wing guns, the aforementioned smuggling holds and secret jettison system, retracting landing gear, and the galley and bunk area detail. Turning the light grey gear on top opens both cargo doors simultaneously via gears. The top panel lifts out to reveal the cargo hold and living area. The loading ramp folds back into the ship after loading is complete.Included is a Sinda Rhal minifig and two pieces of cargo, questionable as they may be.I had a lot of fun building this ship, but as much frustration getting the doors to work correctly while also dealing with the studs-outward building method used all around the ship. However, I found the greebling and detailing to be most satisfying once the main structure was established. Overall I really had a lot of fun with this and I hope that you all have as much enjoyment from it as well.

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Taken on October 7, 2016