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Coal Fossil Fuels India | by synergypublication
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Coal Fossil Fuels India

Power Energy Research Magazine for Renewable Energy Sources


The usage of alternative energies such as solar, wind, water power and even burning waste have been popular for decades. However, it is often argued that such kind of energies is one of culprits to the deterioration of the environment. As I shall debate, my essay will present a prospective picture depicting the benefits stemming from those alternative resources. Power and Energy Magazine of Synergy Publication is going for a detailed description of Renewable Energy Resources.



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In the first place, supporters of this viewpoint say that searches for water power conducted through the construction of damps lead to environmental pollution which occurring in areas nearby. However, many educated people know that wind or water power is very friendly and healthy. Indeed, alternate energies are products of nature mother. Many recent studies and empirical researches in US indicate that electricity supply resulting from solar energy is much more beneficial on people’s health than oil and gas whose energy generated together with toxic gases and hazardous component.


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Furthermore, some believe that burning waste somehow cause to air pollution in case of overloaded using. However, thanks to that method, numerous amount of waste are eliminated and transformed into a useful energy for human’s life. In addition, nuclear power is conductive to the development of science subject. By dint of this immense energy, many experiments which require a huge capacity of electricity subscribers are carried out by using nuclear power.


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Overall, one can clearly come to conclusion that alternate energies brings to our lives much more merits than demerits. However, before doing search for those energies, governments should take its adverse effects into further consideration.


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