Not a protest-a movement

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    Well the republicans did end up getting what they wanted so what has been a protest is now really a movement and its really got some serious momentum.

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    1. coloured glass 49 months ago | reply

      red-blue-black-white ... seems people wear a lot of these colors ... or is it the color of the republicans!?

    2. Kibbles 49 months ago | reply

      Red and White are the colors of the University of Wisconsin...a school (filled with union employees), a public school run by the state of Wisconsin. People have been wearing red and white for support. The blue are jeans, and black? Jackets, I guess? Dark jackets in the winter? I dont know too many light ones out there...anyways.

    3. Paul v2.0 49 months ago | reply

      keep it coming!

    4. patnoconnor 49 months ago | reply

      Nice! I saw your kite while I was making a lap around the building.

    5. ThisistheMatt 49 months ago | reply

      Just want to clarify that KAP'n Craig isn't Matt_Wheel on twitter. The "By Craig Wilson" got edited out of the link I shared.

      Coloured Glass: any republicans in the crowd were not supporters of the bill. I didn't see a single sign of support today, though there were 5 or so there on Thursday.

    6. ibm4381 49 months ago | reply

      There's still the next biennial budget, where the billion dollars in cuts to local government and school districts will come, so there's still an active issue to protest. But all this overreaching looks like it's going to create a big big backlash.

      Your perspective is the only way to get a sense of a really large crowd. There's just no way to do it from ground level.

    7. megankhines 49 months ago | reply

      nice! i thought i saw you in the crowd with a pole too! keep fighting the good fight!

    8. KAP'n Craig 49 months ago | reply

      Does anyone know the name of the guy from Texas that spoke a few speakers before Susan Sarandon? He had some really perfect and funny things to say about our situation using Texas metaphors and analogy . He said that Governor Walker has been like a big dog taking a leak on the fire hydrant of Wisconsin workers. "But a fire hydrant is way more powerful than a pissin' dog."
      Thanks for your comments and for checking out my photos..

    9. ThisistheMatt 49 months ago | reply

      Jim Hightower -

      Personally I really want to find some video of the Farmer that spoke before him. The most powerful and emotional speech I've witnessed at the rally so far.

    10. PokyTom 49 months ago | reply

      Great job! I'm cheering for you all.

    11. Uncle Bicycle 49 months ago | reply

      Matt, you're probably looking for Tony Schultz. Check out the video of his speech over on YouTube...some bad audio, but a great speaker.

      Edit: the whole thing here.

    12. KAP'n Craig 49 months ago | reply

      Ya, Tony Schultz totally rocked. That you-tube video is must-see. Thanks for the link Mauricio.

    13. jimvm_ [deleted] 49 months ago | reply

      Walker is probably still trying to say that the crowds are small and comprised of only a few people bussed in from out of town ....

    14. Uncle Bicycle 49 months ago | reply

      Craig, my pleasure.

      jimvm, that would be a lot of busses! (here it is from ground level...)

      The Return of the Wisconsin 14

    15. Cybergabi 49 months ago | reply

      I also loved the Hightower speech. Two wrongs don't make it right, but three left turns do.

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