Milwaukee Road 261 - Fall Colors 2017
Between September 30th and October 1st, Milwaukee Road #261 operated a passenger excursion from Minneapolis to two different end points each days, but ran for the majority of both days. It provided an excellent show of steam power to all that rode and chased the beautifully maintained locomotive and rollingstock.

I got an early viewing of the locomotive on the 29th as well, and chased it both days to and from its farthest points west. In the end, I took 1002 photos with my primary camera - Canon Rebel EOS T6 - and many more with my phone and a Canon T3, well passing the 1200 mark when all added together. This is a collection of the best photos from the entire trip, but you can expect more to appear as they're cleaned up and edited, and a few of these to be updated with cleaner versions as well.
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