Natasha's Fashionable & Functional - APARTMENT THERAPY SMALL COOL 2014
There are so many things that we love about our home. First and foremost, we love the functionality of our apartment. Even though it's teeny-tiny at approximately 350 sq ft, there's an incredible amount of storage and ample room for us (and our cat).

Every inch of space is utilized thoughtfully. From the under bed storage area, to the floor to ceiling shoe closet, to the hidden kitty litter box built into our bathroom vanity; we've incorporated storage and function wherever we could.

The kitchen is all we could ask for, with tons of counter space, cabinets, and updated appliances, the bathroom is modern and streamlined and the "bedroom" is a cozy, secluded getaway. Although the space is small, we were able to create separate living areas: the living room/kitchen, the bedroom, the dressing area, and the bathroom. Built in 1937, we wanted to preserve the apartments' charm while modernizing it. The dichotomy of the sleek kitchen opposed to the painted brick wall with decorative fireplace, almost makes the space feel like two separate rooms.

Lastly, we love that it's located in the East Village.
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