Twin Lights #in_memorium

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    1. ANBerlin 15 months ago | reply

      in memory of the 911. A great iDevice Image.

    2. milagroswaid 15 months ago | reply

      ANBerlin, Thank you. My husband's first job was in the towers. In 1993, on a Friday, he phoned just after I'd gotten the children to school. '"Why are you calling now? You know I'm writing." He didn't want to alarm me, he said. There had been an explosion. He was trapped on the 18th floor for 12 hours & didn't call again until he was out--at a bar. When he got home, his clothes & neck were covered with soot. Months later, when the company returned to the building, he said he smelled smoke all the time. He wasn't sure If it was his imagination or real. Doesn't matter, I said. Don't go back; find a new job. He went back but found a new job. I remember reading later about men taking flight lessons in FL. They wanted a discount because they didn't care about taking off or landing a jet! & I get questioned crossing the street. GW Bush received briefs that warned of the 2001 attack--thing is he didn't read 'em! If this country survives Trump, I only hope the electoral college chooses someone who reads! We lost one friend, a loving father, who was kind & funny--3 daughters & a wife. But only a radical group was responsible, not most Muslims. A small group of radicals & our Country's leaders.

    3. ANBerlin 15 months ago | reply

      I do not know what to say to you. But I know Kathleen, it is difficult to lose a loved one and this time will always be painful. I also find it a pity that a radical group can spread so much grief. Whether in New York, Paris, London or with us in Berlin. And it is also a pity that the Muslim population is under general condemnation and Trump his policy makes the whole in my eyes also no better. I wish you a lot of strength and greetings from Berlin. And sorry for my bad English.

    4. milagroswaid 15 months ago | reply

      ANBerlin, you're so right! Very near the site is an Islamic community center. People go there to pray 5 times a day--& they had nothing to do w/fanatics flying planes into towers designed like chimneys. A few years ago, the center wanted to start a day care center. The media made it an outrage, when, in fact, families need day care centers here! The Muslims were co-ordinating their plans with a nearby Jewish center. The centers were talking of combining, but people in other parts of the country were furious. The best way to prevent terrorism is to promote tolerance and understanding. Many years ago, a drunk driver killed my sister. My father was a lawyer but didn't prosecute. He would have never stopped prosecuting, he said, if it would bring my sister back to us. And. he said, he'd prosecute if he thought the man would drink & drive again...not sure which one he gave up--drinking or driving--but after killing an 8 year old girl holding her best friend's hand--the man wasn't going to do it again. Tragedies happen in life. We cannot afford hatred!

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