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0B-RN “Fairy King” | by Chokolat Shadow AKA PixelMeCrazy
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0B-RN “Fairy King”

0B-RN “Fairy King” is a mech built for the Royal Air Captain Ash, built with extra light but durable alloys, it is a mech that is capable of extended flight due to its dual booster systems, It is also a high mobility design, deadly in air bound conditions, it is also able to carry 2 missile holsters with a capacity of 15 missiles each, which can be detached if required, it is also equipped with an energy pulse heavy handgun “Thorn caster” which is deadly at middle to close range.


With this build I’m trying to perfect my base frame, which uses the nexo knights cockpit as a base, I think I can make it better, but I love the overall looks, also, I’m a fan of small feet on mech (Thank ZOE for that) and It is so great that it can stand on its own, the boosters can act as additional support in case someone bumps the table or something, so that is great as well, also, for those interested, there are 4 main colors on this build, white, flesh, teal and gold, I just find this combination real for some reason.


Sorry for the delay between post, I’ve been busy with work and most of my free time has gone playing VG, but I still buy lego sets from time to time, and When I got the Avengers set 76101 “Outsider Dropship Attack” I got some really great teal pieces, and my love for colors kicked in, and I was also checking my old builds for inspiration and I found an old design I liked a lot, and what better way to get back at it that by remaking something you love with fresh set of ideas and pieces, so this design was born.


Since this was a couple build, I have some ideas for the opposite build as well, so I think you might see a ne build sooner that expected.


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Taken on May 16, 2018