Regional and National Security Dynamics: Armenia-Turkey Relations, International Conference, September 29, 2017
The conference was organized by Eurasia Partnership Foundation and Centre for Civilization and Cultural Studies. The Conference brought together renowned international and local experts, analysts and researchers to present findings and discuss the national security concepts and frameworks of the past 25 years in Armenia, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, as well as Russia, United States of America, European Union, and China focusing on Armenia-Turkey relations. The Conference revealed regional security issues, as well as possible developments and obstacles for building an effective regional security system taking into account Armenia-Turkey relations. The presentations also contained policy recommendations by offering scenarios of security related developments in the region.

The conference was a major closing event in Armenia of the EU-funded Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process programme (ATNP2). The programme is implemented by a Consortium of Armenia- and Turkey-based partners including Civilitas Foundation (CF), Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), Public Journalism Club (PJC), Regional Studies Center (RSC) from Armenia; and Anadolu Kültür, Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly (hCa), and Hrant Dink Foundation from Turkey.
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