UNDP 50 Thailand
Early in 1966, United Nations leaders fighting poverty came together to form UNDP. Since that time, UNDP has played a transformational role in eradicating diseases, reducing hunger, creating jobs, empowering women, cutting infant mortality, protecting the environment, and lots more in the nearly 170 countries where we work.

On the occasion of our 50th anniversary, UNDP is looking toward the future of people and planet. At UNDP, we are committed to finish the job we started 50 years ago, and end poverty once and for all. We imagine a world where all people prosper, societies are more inclusive, and the planet is protected from the worst effects of climate change. We want to leave no one behind.

UNDP has been operating in Thailand since 1966 and to commemorate the 50th anniversary, we reflect on the achievements UNDP has made by supporting the Royal Thai Government through archived pictures.

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