• already imagining what his "traffic boner" will feel like.... - suz1212
  • He's a screwdriver? Wow. This was a time when there were only single entendres. - The Pie Shops Collection
  • the words 'swell' & 'boner' should only be used together in an ad with EXTREME caution. - retro-dad

Shell Gasoline Ad

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Well the word "boner" is one my tags, I'm sure this thing will have 500 views by the end of the month.

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  1. The Pie Shops Collection 66 months ago | reply

    500 views and all sorts of spam from V1AGARA!

  2. epiclectic 66 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Retro Speech Bubbles, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  3. billymaz 66 months ago | reply

    Point of order: I believe the "swell" is the root of the boner issue in the first place. Second point of order: What is Chip McOvercoat doing down there anyway? It seems that Shell Guy had something urgent to point out about the license plate.

  4. suz1212 66 months ago | reply

    Shell Guy just wanted to get Chip into a kneeling position so that the ramifications of traffic boners and potential tail pipe issues could be discussed like men.

  5. A.Davey 66 months ago | reply

    Once I got past the "swell" "boners" and read the fine print, I was amazed to discover this is a truly rare creature: an midcentury energy-conservation message from an oil company.

    Chip's particular "traffic boner" was he took too darn long to park that battleship of his, wasting gas and making his busy fellow motorists madder than heck.

    The swell Shell emblem Mr. Shell Guy's attaching to Chip's license plate told the world Chip was a true believer in saving precious petroleum resources.


    Is this magazine an artifact from an alternate universe where conservation was as American as "Leave It To Beaver" and Apple Pie, a never-was America where Dick Cheney won the Nobel Peace Prize for leading a successful Manhattan-Project-style campaign that won energy independence through renewable sources?

    Nah. At the risk of pulling a real boner, I'll be a cynic and suggest there must have been a fuel shortage in the economy at the time, either in the wake of WWII or perhaps the ongoing Korean War. Or maybe the oil companies were making obscene profits and wanted to throw dust in the public's eyes with pious agitprop such as this.

    Whatever might have been behind this piece, Mr. Shell Guy and Chip McOvercoat surely forgot all about that cockamamie "Share-the-Road" campaign the moment conditions returned to normal and Detroit and the oil companies decided it was time for America to put the pedal to the metal again.

  6. mark_potter_2000 62 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Super Shell with Platformate, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  7. THATS RIGHT 42 months ago | reply

    Please join group if you have not already
    and share your photos and videos for all to see.

    This group is dedicated to the past.

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