Teardown and Upgrades - Dec 21 2014
I tore down the truck and cleaned off all the sand. I replaced the diff oils to 30 - 100 - 10.

Upgrade Parts

Custom Chassis Bump Stop
High Response Clutch
Lightened Flywheel
Epoxy screen mesh to the engine.
Darksoul Vented Clutch Housing
Custom Duel Servo
Traxxas waterproof RX box
Waterproof power switch

Turtle Racing v2 Billet Starter Assembly
Craftwerks Wheel Adapters/Extenders
Bartolone Racing Billet Clutch Carrier
Vertigo 21T Gear and Adjusting Inserts
Vertigo Hex Drive Vented Clutch Bell
TGN Blue Fule Clamp
DDM HD Shock Springs
13.5 lb rate Front
11.0 lb rate Rear
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