Y6 - Mar 28 2013
I was not too happy with the end results with the hexa layout because I was expecting better video quality in 15mph winds. Prior to trying out the Y6 configuration I added the Sigma motor mounts to each arms which extended it about 4inch on each side. And I also changed the F30a SimonK flashed ESC to the Turnigy Blheli flashed ESC because I heard a lot of good things about it. I am not really sure what happen but 2 of the ESC fail in mid flight during my second test and luckily it was only 8 feet off the ground when I crashed it into a patch of grass. I ended up breaking 2 GemFan Carbon Fiber props and a Sigma mount. I think I might have been my fault for flying it because I did notice one of the ESC that failed was acting strange from the first day I mounted it.

Now I am on my third configurations with the same frame and I have to admit I really like this frame because it is so versatile. But it is still true what everyone says about the cheap clips, that keeps breaking. The good thing is that the arms still stay in place even if the clips are cracked. As long as you have the support for the upper and lower plates the clips seems to be fine cracked or not.

Right after I finished converting the frame to a Y6 I noticed how much smaller it is. I forgot to weight the frame before the conversion but right now it weighs 2625 grams and it includes the 5000mah 4s lipo plus everything you see in the pictures.
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