The Build - Feb 23 2013
Initially I blamed the Xaircraft quad frame for being unstable which is why I moved back to a hexa setup. But I think the really problem is the low kv motor that I was using and how it was unable to show its true potential with a 3s lipo. I have not tried using a 4s lipo so I cannot prove my theory about the motors, but I will be getting some new lipo battery soon. The reason why I think this is because I tried using a set of 10x5 Graupner Props on my Tarot hexa and I was barely able to get it off the ground at 100% throttle. Whereas my ATG 600 hexa frame had no problems with the same props, but the only difference is the motors. The ATG 600 has a set of 2216 900KV T-Motors, but now I am using 3506 650kv T-Motors. With the 900kv motor I could get about 9990 rpm but with the 650kv motor I would max out at 7215 rpm. So if I use a 4s lipo my rpm will be about 9620.

Before I move to a higher cell count battery I tried many variations of props and even with a 13x6.5 props I was not 100% happy with the results. I think the length and pitch of the props is very deceiving. Because a Gemfan 11x4.7 props has more lift than any of the 12 inch props I used, like the GemFan 12x4.5 and Graupner 12x6. If you were able to see the props in person you can see why the Gemfan 11x4.7 props has more lift. It is because it has a larger surface area compared to the 12" props I tested.

As for this new Tarot frame, I have read about a few problems people are having with it. The first is the clips where the folding arms locks into. Some people say that the clips crack and break on the first uses. Another problem is the folding landing gear. It folds over if you do not land perfectly and the legs are now very strong.

So far the clips are doing fine for me but if it fails I will make some new one out of Delrin. As for the landing gear, I did not use the folding legs. I used the U shape plastic one from my Xaircraft. I really like how the folding legs looked but I wanted something that was more reliable.
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