The Build - Dec 06 2012
I came across the ATG 600-CRP Carbon Folding Frame on RCG's classifieds. You can order these frame brand new from China for about $79.50 plus shipping. But I bought this one used for $50 shipped and it had a few extra parts and enhancement done to it. The previous owner made some upgraded delrin mounts and used rubber o-rings on every screw. The only thing what was missing was one of the upper carbon fiber protection board that covers the controller. Over all this frame looks like it is in excellent condition.

All I did was transfer over the electronics from the DJI 550 to this new frame. The overall surface area on this ATG 600 frame is a lot less, so I had to be creative in making everything fit.

I got this frame hoping to increase the flight time because the lower weight and the larger arm span will make it more stable for video recording.

Another important factor that I liked about this frame is the folding arms. I wanted this hexa copter to be portable enough where I could hold it in my back pack and quickly assemble it on the field. I plan to take this with me when I go traveling so I would need it to fit in my carry-on luggage and also carry it when I go hiking.
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