Purchased - Nov 03 2012
This is another impulse purchase from craigslist because I can could not pass up a good deal. Initially the guy who posted the ad wanted $450 for the 5T but after talking to him over the phone it seems like the truck needed some work. So I was able to talk him down to $400. Once I saw the truck I saw found some other problems and I was able to knock another $20 off. I guess $380 is not bad for a HPI Baja 5T that is ready to run, plus this truck cost about $1200 brand new.

Prior to the sale the seller told me that the tires are worn, side body mount broken and pull start was removed.

The only other thing that I did notice was the front right wheel was very wobbly from the hub and a few cracks on the body.

There were no unexpected problem when I tore it down to clean, except for the missing bearing where the front wobbly wheel was. I thought the wheels was wobbly because it had a busted bearing. But the bearing was just missing. Good thing I still had a few of those bearings left from my previous Bajas.

I am glad he included the pull start that he thought was broken because it was only dirty. After cleaning it out the pull start work flawlessly.
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