FPV Setup - Nov 01 2012
Custom Goggles FPV Starter Package:

• 5.8GHz Antennas - Circular Wireless Skew Planar Wheel Omni Combo
• Video Transmitter - ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8GHz
• Video Goggles - FatShark Dominators
• OSD - ImmersionRC EZOSD
• ImmersionRC GoPro HD A/V cable
• ImmersionRC 3S 460mAh 35C Tx lipo
• FatShark 1000mah Lipo

Update - Nov 02 2012:

I was lucky enough that I bought everything at a online store because I ended up returning everything. I am not sure if it was my setup or what,.... but I was not able to go more than 300 meter until I lost all reception. Even at 20 feet or so I was getting a little bit of static already. The finally reason why I returned everything is because I had a hard time flying in FPV.
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