Big ears

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    Oh, now look at that donkey's ears! Okay, here's one from the archive... today, 26 June 2009, is the 94th anniversary of my mother's birth. Here we are, on a day at the seaside, when I was (I imagine) around three years old. Judging by the pebbles on the beach, we were probably in Brighton. It's interesting to see how well-dressed she was - the trip must have been quite an occasion (though judging from my own attire, it can hardly have been at the height of summer).

    Mum died 30 years ago, and this is the earliest photo I have of the two of us together. I don't actually remember the day, of course, but even so, this is a much valued happy snap, probably taken by a beach photographer.

    1. teldow 71 months ago | reply

      Is there anything more poignant then pouring over old family albums...I did a similar journey mother at 83 is still with me, my father has been gone since 1972....another time, another place, memories important these images are.

    2. TBSteve 71 months ago | reply

      You haven't changed a bit, apart from the beard.
      Nice old photo, it scanned well too.

      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    3. Qasem-Amin 71 months ago | reply

      I love the donky!

    4. ruebyretro 71 months ago | reply

      Wow. I have photos from the late 1940's, early 1950's that look just llike this of my Dad and his Mum. He was born in ' Hove! And his name was Peter as well. How very peculiar. I assume you grew up around that area of Sussex? I'm curious if you and he had any connection...

    5. moncho71 71 months ago | reply

      A beautiful picture!

    6. The tamed shrew 71 months ago | reply

      Very full of memories for me too. Reminds me of my mum and holidays on the east coast of Scotland. Casual gear for me was a knitted swimsuit! Do not imagine what happened when I went into the water.
      I do know how you feel. My memories don't go beyond my 10th birthday - so they are very poignant.
      Be happy - she'd want that!

    7. Peter Denton 71 months ago | reply

      Thanks very much, everyone! I'm glad this little image, taken by an anonymous photographer more than 60 years ago, stirred something in you. Sometimes, 'simple is best', isn't it?

      Oh, and Steve - yes indeed, your remark is absolutely laser-accurate... it's true that I'm still as cute as a button. Yeah, right...

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