Grass shore and Rainier reflection

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    This is the "west" and "largest" of the Reflection Lakes. What caught my eye was the crisp border between a calm lake surface and the bright green shore grass. I think the iron rich water content (see the orange along the lake's edge), must favor this particular flora. Mt. Rainier adds its presence to the mix of form and color in the skyline and in reflected image form.

    Sunday evening I had taken a nice hike up the Paradise glacier trail. Monday morning I returned to the park for some more sight seeing and short hikes. These photos are from that Monday morning visit to the park (3 Aug 09).
    Photos from an evening (8.2.09) and a morning (8.3.09) spent in Mt. Rainier National Park on the Paradise side, enjoying the wildflowers, wildlife, and scenery - - while trying to dodge the heat, mosquitoes, and crowds. The mosquitoes got me - - even well covered with bug spray.

    I hiked up to Sluiskin Falls in the evening of the 2nd and then took the Paradise glacier trail from the “Stevens Van Trump” trail “T”. I hike a mile along the trail and cross country on the ridge rim. With the exception of marmot and deer, I had that entire area to myself (evening winds kept the mosquitoes at a distance). Once back down along the Skyline section of trail, there were people everywhere. I arrived at my pickup truck, parked along the Paradise River, at dark.

    I returned to the same area of the park early the next morning (Monday). Less people but the mosquitoes were “open for business” early. Still I enjoyed visiting many of my favorite places in the area, taking photos, and a few short hikes. These photographs are from the evening and the early morning visits to the park.

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    1. jaythom256 68 months ago | reply

      Nice reflection. Every time I'm up that way, the wind is blowing just enough to cause ripple on the water.

    2. sawtoothphoto 68 months ago | reply

      unique composition---love it...shoreline on left mirror image of Rainier! the green of the grass is so intense

      Please tell me you were happy with the photography on this series of hikes?!?

    3. © 68 months ago | reply

      Very Beautiful !!

      Love all your stuff

    4. oldmantravels 68 months ago | reply

      Trail Jay - - Believe me I know the feeling. Early morning (crack of dawn) is the best weapon against mountain born breezes. Better luck on your next visit.

      Fred - - I was hoping all the "subjects' didn't distract and compete too much. Yes, I am very happy with a half dozen of the photos I have posted from the two trips to the park. Trouble is, few people agree with my own favorites, so I throw a bunch of other spaghetti photos up against the fridge.....and see what sticks. Ha. OMT

    5. oldmantravels 68 months ago | reply

      Rob - - thanks a lot. I have no posted the last that I intend to from the two day trip to the park. I ended up posting a LOT more photos than I had intended. Best hiking is still in front of us out here in the PNW. I will probably visit Utah again next spring. OMT

    6. oldmantravels 68 months ago | reply

      Fly Flipper - - when I see how well you all eat in camp on the North Fork, I'm a little worried that the camp fare couldn't compare, though I don't think you will find finer hiking in the PNW. We'll see. OMT

    7. LAP75 68 months ago | reply

      Great eye on this shot!!!

    8. oldmantravels 68 months ago | reply

      Thanks LAP75 - - it appears I got away with the "subject clutter". OMT

    9. AppleCrypt 68 months ago | reply

      Incredible scenery. Beautiful shot!

    10. oldmantravels 68 months ago | reply

      U.K Steve & country girl Ann - - Thank you both. OMT

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