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Mission 4.1: A Muddied Path to Victory | by -TTROOPER-
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Mission 4.1: A Muddied Path to Victory

DESIGNATION: Protector-018


RANK: ARC Lieutenant Grade 1

UNIT: Vornskr, First Regiment, "Bralor's First", 253rd Elite Clone Legion


"We've taken them by surprise! Oya Vornskr! Oya! Let's go! Push into the trenches!"


Our push from the LZ had so far been a major success with Legion forces suffering minimal casualties snuffing out pockets of surprised Jabiimi rebels. The gunships had dropped us off under the cover of a massive hurricane, a storm which prevented us from landing our heavy weaponry, but masked both our deployment and rush on the Jabiimi lines. My squad, Vornskr had managed to catch a Jabiimi pillbox during a resupply cutting down several Jabiimi soldiers outside the fortifications as well as destroying the bunkers guns before they could fire on us. Using the captured bunker as a staging point I lead Vornskr into the trenches, engaging the Jabiimi in brutal melee combat as we cleared out the fortifications. The muddy trenches took their toll on my men slowing us down and claiming several casualties, but by nightfall our sector had been cleared. Hopefully tomorrow the storm will clear and our artillery can land, it would be much easier if we could just blast the Jabiimi positions from afar rather than clear them with blaster and blade..."






Oh look a build.

Any C&C is appreciated, thanks for viewing everyone and have a great day!

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Taken on January 10, 2022